where to go next flips wise?

I feel like a bit of a noob asking this, but if i list the flip tricks i have can some of you give advice on ones to learn that i may have forgotten about because i am having trouble with obvious ones like treys and doubles,

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Cheers folks


360 flip
backflip (and all the variations)
fakie flip
Full out

How about those?

i need to get 360 uni spin seat in to out its harder than i thought n then i could think about full out, need to get backs so bad

Backflips, you should learn them, once you can do them it will give you another list of things to try.

Varialflip is your next logical flip to learn. Doubles too, but learn backs.

-Shaun Johanneson

theres a word i should have used when asking ‘logical’ yeh i wana do varial flips, have to get outflips alot more down before i can do them probs though

is good to learn back as front flips ?

man… front flip was a fucking hard to learn… i cant imagine myself passing trought it again haha!

This annoys me, I can do outflips every time but I cant come close to a varialflip. I have to spin my body to the unnatural direction with varials and I cant flip it well when I am spinning toward my front foot.