Where to get real 114/100mm ISIS cranks (not QU-AX) in the US

Where can I get some nice 114/100mm ISIS cranks in the US that won’t strip in 1 week. Also, is it possible to drill and re-tap KH cranks at a shorter length. If I lived in Europe I would get k1, but shipping would be insane to the US.

EDIT: This is for a KH 29er and 125’s are just too long to commute with.

they sell K1 products in the u.s.

yeah renegade has 90’s and 110’s

if your quax cranks strip on a 29er for communiting you’re doing something wrong with them…

are you constantly changing pedals? are you sure they are very tight/right way round etc…

Koxx Isis doesnt work with quax or kh…

Agreed. Qu-Ax cranks should not be stripping, especially if you are just commuting. I have been using the square taper version on my 36er for almost 2 years with no problems.

Get some new 100mm qu-ax cranks and make sure you put them on right and put your pedals on correctly. Make sure to tighten the crank bolts frequently when you first put the new cranks on because cranks tend to come loose when you first install them. You were probably riding with loose cranks, it is harder to tell that cranks are loose when riding ISIS.

Unfortunately as well, there aren’t any other options that I know of for lightweight ISIS cranks in small sizes.

I’ve had 114mm qu-ax freestyle cranks on my street uni for a month and I’ve been crankflipping and jumping three-sets and plenty more and they aren’t stripped, nor have they bent at all.

I don’t know whats wrong with you guys who strip them out and bend them so quickly. Maybe you are over tightening them? Bad form? Who knows? I have no idea but mine are holding up perfectly fine.

The whole point of ISIS is that it is a standard for splined cranks; are you sure that K1 ISIS is different from QU-AX/KH ISIS?

Yes. K1 ISIS is not true ISIS supposively, so they won’t fit correctly on KH/Nimbus hubs which are true to ISIS.

I have used K1, KH, Truvativ and Race Face ISIS cranks on both K1 and KH Moment hubs without any difficulty.

You’ve been a member of the forum for over a year and you honestly haven’t heard about that issue? Eek.

This is the first time that I’ve been on the forums since February. Sorry for my lack of knowledge.

No apology needed, I just assumed most people knew.

yep lutz is right. although new cranks/hubs are supposed to work and most people report it seems kinda ok now, but there are problems.

latest thread on the issue

The K 1 crank ISIS compatability issue is a year old

More or less.

Such a simple device, yet designed for people that want something more complex to ride.

Can this be why the uni industry has more strange one off bearings then an air craft carrier ?

Yeah, Koxx one is far enough off KH-Nimbus-everyone else ISIS, that it is reputed that even my hammer cannot make them fit.

Tapered hub, I doubt it, but I have a big hammer.

Still, the K1 compatibility issue has had little or no progress that I have read.

You would think that all the standard ISIS parts could be made the same size at least by now :roll_eyes: