Where to buy Large Marge??

Does anyone have a specific address or number for anyone selling 24" Large Marge rims. Generic answers like, “A bike distributor” have turned up nothing so far.



They aren’t in stock, yet. No firm eta. I thought they’d be here by now. I’m hoping to see some in a few weeks.

Your local bike shop should be able to order one for you when they arrive.


The one thing I’d really like to know about them is how much they weigh. Can you tell me? Everything else about them sounds fantastic.


Yesterday I talked with Josh at Surely (who makes the Large Marge rims) and he said the 24 incher has been okayed for production, which should start soon. He’s hoping to have the rim out there in 2 months.

Per Andrew’s question about weight, the following is from their web site (and concerns the 26 inch model):

We offer Large Marge in a few configurations: 24" or 26", 32-hole and 36-hole downhill version, and 32-hole cruiser/cross-country version…all are drilled for a presta valve. What’s the difference? The cross-country version is drilled out to shave some grams; the downhill version is not. What’s the weight? The DH rim weighs 1150 grams(26"). The XC rim weighs 1050 grams(26").


Thanks for the info.

Alex Rims say their 26" DX-32 is 756g and the 24" is 650g. So I guess we can roughly assume that the 24" LM will be about 900g. One part of me says, “What difference does that make…I’ll just make sure I go to the toilet before each ride to even things out” but the other part says, “The extra mass is on the outermost part of the rotating wheel…this might make a significant difference”.

I’m very much undecided at the moment. It’s either LM or DX-32 for me, and I think I’d be more likely to run a 3" Duro on the LM than the DX-32. Maybe I’ll just stick to the good old DX-32 and 3" Gazz combo and allow enough room on my new custom frame for an ‘upgrade’ later on.


Dont be such a weight weenie, but if you have to be- you could run the LM, but covert it to tubless. Tubeless is great (no pinch flats, loWer pressures, lighter weight)

No hopping, no skinny riding, no sideloads in general.

I didn’t think of that. The onbly time I have run tubeless is for my bike. It would be good for xc/ light muni

My question is when can we see the Surly One (ore perhaps the Pirate Monkey ie 1 leg). I’m sure with all thoes sweet cromo forks you have it wouldnt be too hard to make a unicycle frame.


24" Large Marge Weight

The pre-production 24" Large Marge rims in my office weigh 1050 grams. The weight of production rims can vary by as much as 10%. It depends on the condition of the extrusion die. Most of the time, however, the weight variation is less than 5%.

Yep. They are heavy. But, the stability offered by such a wide rim can make up for the mass. Those who have ridden the 26" Marge can attest to the increase in traction and stability it provides. It will change the performance traits of any tire you are accustomed to riding on a narrower rim. Maybe, you’ll like it…maybe, you won’t. It really depends on your riding style and tire profile preferences.

I’ve been wrong about ETA’s. Sorry. I got word from the factory, this evening, that they haven’t shipped yet. They’ve been held up, so they can be consolidated with some of our frames. 24" Marges will ship on the 21st or the 28th of this month. Ocean freight usually takes 28 days, so you’re looking at the end of April for delivery to QBP, our distributor. Your local bike shop can order one for you, then.



Hi Andrew, why are you set on the LM or DX32, have you thought about using the KH freeride, or the tryall rim? they are wider than the dx32 but wont weigh as much as the LM. Just curious?


Those feel like some sort of unhappy medium between either a really wide but heavy rim and the normal width but lighter rim. I was set on getting the KH Freeride at one stage, but decided to wait untill more people have used it. I haven’t seen the Tryall 24" rims.


Product reviews of the Tryall rim say it buckles on drops–and that’s on a bicycle. I’d wait for the LM.


I have no intention of getting a Tryall. It’s either Alex DX-32 or Large Marge. Three things keep me from getting the Large Marge at this stage:

  • It hasn’t been tested much on a unicycle on the sort of terrain I want to ride on.
  • It’s a bit heavier than I’d like in a place where weight does make a difference.
  • Apparently I would need to mount the brake bosses further apart…quite a committment.


Once you weld them on, they will only work with the widest rims. I had to tweak the mounts themselves to position them, then lengthen the cross hose, and notch the front of the brake pad so it doesn’t hit the frame. They will no longer work with anything smaller (Alex, Tryall, Azonic), not enough adjustment in the calipers.


Hence my concern. Thanks for the insider info…DX-32 is looking better and better.