Where to buy helmets...

So, the other day I went to REI for a job application, and while I was there I asked about replacing my helmet, which has a dent in it. The manager immediately told me that as long as I was a member, I could return the helmet in any condition. He said i could’ve shattered it, and still been able to return it. That means that from now on I’m buying my helmets, camelbak bite valves, and possibly shoes at REI, because when I outgrow, break, or wear them out, I can simply return them for a full refund and buy another. I’m so happy!

Also, I was told that a lifetime membership was just $15 for an entire membership. Well worth it for me, since helmets are around $50-60.

Man, now I know the meaning of “consumer advocate.”

Some people joke that REI stands for Return Every Item. :slight_smile:

REI does stand behind what they sell. I’ve never used their generous return policy, but it’s there if something really does fall apart on me or if something just plain doesn’t work as I expected.