Where to buy Axo/661 Dually shoes?

Where are people finding these lately? I’ll be needing to buy a new pair soon. It seems they might be difficult to find.


Hi Joe,

Chain Reation have both… although the AXO’s are in limited supply.

661s @ http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/viewproduct.asp?category=Shoes&ModelID=1986

AXOs @ http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/viewproduct.asp?category=Shoes&ModelID=1700


Anybody know is the AXO version is still available in the US? Also, what are the differnces between the 661 / AXO, beside the way that they lace-up ? I currently have a pair of 661 Dually but the lacing loops wear out too quickly. It looks like the AXO shoe would last a lot longer in this area.



Hey Dave,

Thanks for the link. They do have the AXOs but only in smaller sizes - close-out specials, only $30!. It looks like thay are abandoning the AXO Dually for the 661 version. I’ll probablly have to bite the bullet and go with the 661s. I’m currently trying Active Ankles with a low-cut shoe but it is not working out for me. I love my 661 Duallys but I have had to re-design and modify the lacing with grommets to squeeze more life out of them.

Also, it was great to hang with you and your daughter in Minny. How’s that ankle?


The ankle is less swollen now that I’ve spent another 1800 miles in the car. :stuck_out_tongue: The Active Ankle I used on that leg was definitely a big help.

I’d love to see a pic of your 661 mods.

It was great to meet you guys. Thanks again for the most excellent unicycle storage help. It would have been a nightmare loading and unloading all those unis every day twice a day!

I get you a picture of my year and a half old Duallys as soon as I can. However, all I did was cut off the broken/torn lacing loops and put in brass grommets. The bottoms are still working great and, for the most part, teh uppers are in grat shape with some well-worn ankle spots. I love the Duallys - more than anybody should love something that is not blood realted - but I wish that they designers had thought-through teh limited life expectancy of those lacing loops.


I know what you mean, not only a great muni shoe, but these things are damn comfortable just to wear around! Just ordered my new backup set for 80 smackers from Axocycling. Dave, Thanks for the link. I should still have some life in the old pair, but I don’t want to be without a spare set.


I just bought the last size 44 direct from 661. They had to go scrounging around the warehouse and finally found a pair. Since the pair had no box they knocked $15 off.

I mentioned to the women who handled my order the problem with the eyelets and she said she would forward my comments to the designers who are working on the 2004 version. Hopefully they will go back to good old fashioned metal grommets.