Where to buy a T7 handlebar!?

I live in the US, and I cannot seem to find a website to buy a T7 handlebar! Anyone know a website I am missing or how I can buy one online?


I know this is a tangent, sorry, but why a T7? Most folks these days seem to like the Nimbus Shadow or the KH T-bar.

I’ve got a couple of T7s on my unis and, whilst I’ve not yet decided it’s worth upgrading, they do have certain limitations.

I guess i dont have a preference, i cant find the nimbus shadow online to buy either.

Unicycle.com should have something that will work for you.

yes, i just found it! Thank you!

I have one. I’ll sell it for $350 and throw in a 36" unicycle for free.

Lol!! :smiley:

haha, sorry, no thanks.

Are you serious?

What kind of 36?

It’s a mix of Nimbus and Coker. I’ll post it in the trading post forum later on.