Where to buy a KH29?

Anyone bought one recently? My addiction must be in full swing because I sold one of my mountain bikes to buy a new uni.

I noticed that UDC doesn’t have them. Municycle.com has them on sale–380 euros shipped from Germany, which sounds like a good deal. Is there anywhere else I should check?

bedford unicycles Darren is da man

UDC UK has them in stock too but how much does shipping them from Europe cost? I see municycle.com charges 62 euros for shipping but you need to email UDC UK for shipping costs.

They’re still on Bedford unicycles pricelist but it hasn’t been updated since March



…except that $635 Canadian is roughly $566 US (not including shipping), much more than 380 euros, which is roughly $485 US (including shipping).

PM JustOneWheel. He might have a line on one.