Where should I buy?

I have been unicycling for a few months now and am looking for an upgrade. I am looking for a cheap trials uni or maybe a street. Which is better for what? I live in Canada

I have been looking at a few unicycles. Do you think any of the following would be ok for a second unicycle?


As your already looking at the UDC Canada web site I could suggest that you purchase your uni through them. Another Canadian option is Darren Bedford, located in the Toronto area.

Thanks for the advice. I will take a look at them as soon as their site is up.

just click on the price list

Which site are you refering to? UDC Canada is up and running. I haven’t looked at Darrens site for quite a while but if your dealing with him it is probably best to email or call him for info as he never used to have photo’s of his inventory.

I was referring to Darren’s sight.

That is what Darren’s site looks like when it is up, just give him a call or email, you can’t order online.

Okay Ill have to do that.

to bad you missed UDC USA’s sale on the 07 KH trials

I’m kinda thinking that was about it for the supply of 07 KH .

Google, and patience are your friend. In this down economy, there will be more cool sales. It is not so much about finding the right place to buy (there is a number of good dealers), or the right uni to buy. There are several good brands, so finding a good one in a good sale should be your goal. Rec sports often has pointer posts about current sales. Google the name of anything you are considering buying.

For a trials uni, look at KH, qu ax and Nimbus with ISIS cranks. Koxx 1 are good, but have an incompatible ISIS spline from the others. It is not so much that the other spline types are bad , Torker dx , the older Onza and the Profile hubs are all incompatible with each other and the newer ISIS spline standard. If you stick to unis with the standard ISIS hub, you will pay less for your cranks, have a better selection of sizes, and be able to reuse cranks on different unis.
For these reasons, avoid orphans crank sizes, unless you get a really good deal $.

Thanks for the advice. Ill take a look at some unis now.