where is oldfatboy?

Haven’t seen you around lately. Just wondered how you are doing with learning to ride?

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I am here :slight_smile:
Things had to slow down temporarily :frowning:
I have had to stay close to home, so haven’t been able to go to the tennis court to practice. I am getting a lot more comfortable on the seat and wheel though. I am having more trouble with balancing side to side than front and back.
I am pretty much trying to learn (right now) on our sidewalk area. There is a 30’ stretch between our steps and awning that is about 3 feet wide and that is where I practice for now.
Other times I just have to stay inside so don’t get to practice at all.
Otherwise, I am here and still striving to conqueror the wheel :slight_smile:
btw- I have told my children (almost 30 yrs old) about my unicycle and my son has been looking at them (at the b*ke shop). Maybe!!??? :wink:

Glad to hear you are still with us. Are you getting to where you can ride any distance without support?

Not really and that is because of where I am trying to learn.
I try to hold my arms out above the handrail and posts, but can’t go to far forward because of a lightpost right in my way and it has a 1inch horizontal bar sticking out from it (the whole shape is like a cross). I don’t really want to fall off going into that mess, so I grab a post and turn around on the wheel and go back. Back and forth… :wink:
When I do get out, it is quality time in the saddle. I probably get 2 or 3 hours a day (overall) practicing. When it gets over 90 degrees F., I go inside till evening when it cools off a little.
But, I am still loving it and looking forward to the next day to head back out. No quitting here!

Something i forgot to mention is that we have a handicap ramp up to our home, so I have been going up and down it too. Maybe I am trying to do too much, but I am just trying to take advantage of what I do have in the space that is available. Going up and down a ramp for a newbie is pretty interesting :wink: I do hold on to the handrails though.

Glad to hear it! :slight_smile: It’s always great to read about more mature individuals learning to unicycle. Keep practicing and please keep us posted on your progress.

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Hey! I’m not old and fat!!!


Anywhere you can ride will help. Handrails on both sides are great. Keep turning that wheel.

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If you live long enough you will be.


Stick with it OFB!

Do any of the forum members live near OFB? An on-site critique would be a big help in getting up and rolling.

I was self-taught and my “instructor” left a lot to be desired.

Shifting gears (I know, bad analogy on a uni), an acquaintance said he was going to have a 72 year old friend call me. The fellow is interested in learning to ride. Does anyone have thoughts on taking up the sport at that age?

I was in my late fifties before I took it up but I have a gymnastics background. (Here’s my last standing back flip on my 50th birthday)

I was on a "gymnastics team* back in grade school :wink:
I can’t do a back flip, but I might be able to complete a somersault (backwards) if I’m real lucky and haven’t ate for a couple of hours :wink:
My wife saw me through the window while I was practicing and said I was looking much better on the wheel :slight_smile:

Talked to my son last night and he again mentioned about the uni’s at the bke shop close to where he lives. I asked him to get me the name brands before he does anything. I am sending him a cd of videos from the gallery in the hopes of increasing his appetite. Thanks to all of you that upload the videos. Perhaps I shall get another one riding a uni. He has a 250 cc Yamaha dirtbke right now.

Coffee time.