Where is Dan Doerksen?

Someone help me find this guy.


last time i saw him he was in a skate board movie trailer. cant remember what it was called though, but he blunt slid this huge set.

Yeah but that trailer is oooold. I have no idea where he is, would love to meet and ride with him. And the set was a 7 :stuck_out_tongue:

sound to me like you think a 7 set blunt is pretty small ? :stuck_out_tongue: look what you wrote 2 years ago to the same clip: “OOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG That was the most awesome bluntslide EVVEEEEEEEER!!! HOOOLY CRUUUUD” hehe :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways it’s sad a guy like Dan doesn’t ride anymore :frowning:

and the video (Dans clip is at 2:09)


I was in Vancouver about six years ago (2004-2005) and I phoned Dan’s parents in Abbotsford. They told me he had stopped riding the year before (maybe more) and had taken down all of his videos that had been posted on the web. They were unsure why he quit riding and less sure about why he wanted no reminder of it. It sounded to me like a guy who didn’t want to be contacted about unicycling.

That sounds really strange? But if he feels like that it’s fair enough, but still sad :frowning:

Haha well back then I couldn’t bluntslide handrails so of course I would say that :P… To be fair though, its a massive 7 by the looks of it :open_mouth:

I tried on facebook awhile back through as many as I could search for with no luck. Sorry man.

Keeping up the search for Dan Doerksen.