Where is Bedford Unicycles?

Does anyone know exactly where the physical Bedford Unicycle store is located? Just the city. I’m sure I can stumble around and find it myself, but I gotta know where to look.



http://www.thedan.com/unicycling/staircasedoom.jpg in case that attachment doesnt work…

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EDIT: after reading my post, I relized I never answered your Qee est ton.
Answer: Near Toronto.

Re: megellaicked

Actually, it’s in Metropolitan Toronto, or the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) as they like to call it. And David, good luck hunting. Look for the ‘Beacon’ out front.

The shop address in Toronto is: 80 Colville Road
Customer pick-up here
Big sign out front - small sign out back

Mailing address is: 71 Jasper Avenue
Home office here

Manufacturing address is: 1867 Drew Road
Fabrication - welding - machining here

Warehousing is: 615 Stone Church
Over stock/Storage here

All of this info is available by asking me…

info at bedfordunicycles dot ca

Check out the Offical Bedford Unicycles
unicycle and part express delivery vehicle
here, (near the end of the page):


P.S. Don’t tell to many people !