where can i get another torker lx tire?

i know it’s a kenda tire, but i don’t know where to find another one. does anyone else here know?

why would you want another?

UniDude, why would you ask that question?

If you bring it to a bikeshop they can mostly likely find one in a catalog (if they don’t already have it in stock) and order it for you. I believe the newer LXs ship with the Kenda K-Rad. Keep in mind though, you don’t need that exact tire, you could always experiment with new ones - it can be a lot of fun trying out smoother tires or ones with more aggressive tread.

dude. i learned on a lx. i hate them.

What did you hate about that tire? Give us some info and maybe you will save another unicyclist from getting an inferior tire. Reviews that just say “it is good” or “it is bad” are meaningless without reasons for those opinions.

What works for one person may or may not work for another, but information can help people make informed decisions.

I found it to be super thin, and the treads suck. you cant get a real low tire pressure without hitting the rim.

Kenda K-rads are the shizz…how can you knock them? they own evey other bmx type tire(especially for the price). Maxxis Hollyrollers are also nice. i have a K-rad on my LX and two on my bmx bike, and hollyrollers on my bmx race bike, and the k-rads are deff the best.

heres a link to som crazy awesome tires:
Kenda K-Rad

okay. i just dont like them.

Its a freestyle unicycle… why on earth would you be trying to run a ‘real low tire pressure’ on it? Of course you aren’t going to like something when you are trying to use it for something which it isn’t designed for.

i was learning on it. i didnt know what it was for. its not even mine. its a friends i met at camp.

Cool, well now you know what its designed for and maybe you can see that its not such a bad tire. :slight_smile:

oay. i guess so your right. my bad. sorry dude. and to answer your question…here ya go.

already done…the day b4…do you read other posts?..maybe check the like?..cuz its the SAME EXACT ONE.

you need to chill dude. im sorry. i didnt mean to rain on your parade. i give you all the credit. you found it not me. okay everybody…HE found it not me. HE did the dude a fovor not me. sorry. feel eny better? breathe…

i dont want the credit…thats not why i said something

i see posts about nothing and just repeats about everthing. these forums are becoming scattered and annoying to read to get any info or facts.

Its not a matter of who received credit or who answered first… its a matter of the flood of useless posts you’ve been bringing to the forums lately.


UniDudeDX, PLEASE stop making useless threads.

I’ve got a basically stock LX. the tire on there is pretty bad for freestyle uses. I find that it wears down too quickly. I would find a tire with a harder compound, the K-rad looks like it might be decent.

you might as well buy a couple tires when you order, so you can see what your personal preferences are. whether you like a blocky tread, or slick to semi-slick. freestyle tires are dirt cheap.

Yea its a Kenda K-rad…

But Maxxis make a tyre called the holy roller. It is a similar tread pattern to the k-rad but is a more durable and stronger tyre.

Here is the link to its page on maxxis.com.

Its The rival tyre to kenda’s k-rad. And I have them on my bike and compared to the k-rad’s on my brothers, they are much better.

Hope you think?

hollyrollers are nice, and are much more durable…but personally i have found that k-rads have better grip & traction
yea i do:p :wink: