Where can i buy a Luna tire in the US?

Title says it all

Ask your LBS (Local Bike Shop) or look for a Norco dealer.

Okay cool, thanks

I have one I kinda want to trade for a Try-all in any condition, preferably white.

Nah i can’t find any tryalls either. sad day for american unicycling

emile is right, Renegade has Try-alls white or lite (black) I just bought a white one. :slight_smile:

I know you can buy Try-all’s from Renegade but I don’t have the money to spend on a new one.

Yeah, sorry I was kind of responding to trepper687 who said he couldn’t find Luna’s or Try-All’s as it is sucky when no one in the country has the tire you want.

Dang those tryalls are expensive! I found those lunas on canadian unicycle.com, but shipping costs about as much as the product itself, so i guess my tire will work. Thanks

Lol… Its trials not tryalls :slight_smile: