When to start juggling on my unicycle...

Hi there,

I’m finally starting to make a bit of progress with idling on my unicycle,
and I’m starting to get some longish runs of idling!

My ultimate aim has always been to juggle whilst idling on the unicycle,
but I want to know when is best for me to start trying to juggle on it?

Some people say it is best to be completely solid with several hundred
idles before juggling, others say it is best to start juggling as soon as
possible because it will improve idling runs.

I would just like some opinions from people who have learnt to juggle
whilst idling - at what point did you start and how long did it take to do
a nice juggling run?

Thanks, in advance, for all help and advice given! It is greatly

Take care


Just go for it…
See what the outcome is.

Just go for it. If you cant do it, what is lost? just leave it abit and try again.

yeah its worth a try, just go for it!

Just go for it

Might as well start practicing. Juggling while idling is a whole other animal…it is not juggling and it is not idling it is both but neither and will require a lot of practice.

Try riding forward and juggling, then just riding around and turning and juggling too.

I find I have to work hard on not thinking about the juggling and concentrating on the idling, otherwise I fall off :frowning:

I’d also say go for it.
Try it with balls first, they don’t get in the way nearly as badly as clubs.

Remember, to be able to do anything while idling, you should be able to idle without relying on moving your arms to maintain your balance.
A good way to practise this is to fold your arms, either in front or behind your body (do in front first).
You’ll probably find it’ll shorten your idling runs quite a bit at first.
Relax, keep your weight on the seat (and not on your leg) and remember to breathe.

Also be sure to start practising idling with your other foot as well.
The earlier you start, the easier it is.

You can thank me later.

Oh, and I just have to.

learn to do it while riding first, then while idling.

I think the trick is to synchronize the rythm of juggling and the rythm of idling.
I am very close to juggle balls while idling


Ahem, sorry, that was exactly the kind of thinking that nearly drove me to drink.
Oh, wait…

Seriously, your juggling will always be much quicker than your idling, if you try n synch them up, your idling will be almost impossible to control.

Relax, allow your legs to do a controlled idle and your hands to juggle a solid pattern.

It works for me. If you can’t idle as fast, throw the balls/clubs higher for a slower pattern.

Edit: I recommend you a smoother transition with that no. It would increase the effect :wink:

I’m with Gild. Juggling and idling are two very different rhythms and the hard part is doing both at the same time.

However I find using clubs much much easier than trying balls on the unicycle.

You have to switch your concentration back and forth from the juggling to the riding. For those milliseconds when you are thinking about the riding the clubs are easier to see peripherially and easier to catch.

BTW: Idling is SOOO much easier on a giraffe, so is juggling.

Something else to bear in mind is that you don’t have to move all the time.
Doing pretty short little still-stands in-between the forwards and backs helped me quite a bit to get my juggling pattern solid.

And yeah, I can still idle one-footed and juggle 3 clubs on the raffie.
I can’t even dream of that on the 20.