Bagpipes on the unicycle.

Some of you may know that I’ve been working for the past two years to learn how to play the bagpipes.
I’m a slow (ish) learner.

After spending an incredible amount of time on the practise-chanter I finally ‘went to instrument’ about 2 months ago.
It’s a steep learning curve. You basically keep banging your head against ‘flat-out impossible’ until you make a dent and reach ‘forgetaboutit’.
A bit of persistence and you reach the hallowed level of ‘stopkiddingyourselfidiot’ which leads you straight into ‘imnevergoingtogetthis’.

And then one day…

The golfers will know what I mean.

When people ask the inevitable ‘why?’, I’ve taken to answering ‘because I want to be able to play Avril lavigne’s Sk8tr Boi on the bagpipes while idling a 5ft tall giraffe unicycle’.
I try n deliver this line as casually as possible, with as much ‘doesn’t everyone?’ in my voice as I can muster.

I’m not quite there yet.
(You won’t believe what a hassle it is to get bagpipe transcriptions of Avril Lavigne tunes nowadays, tsk…tsk…tsk.)

But last night, I played one verse of Amazing Grace on the pipes while idling my unicycle.

I know, I know, video please.

I’ll get some this weekend and stick it up in my gallery and link to it here.

I just had to tell someone who might ‘get it’.

Yes, video please. I’ve never seen bagpipes on unicycle yet. Often a large bagpipe group plays in the same parades we are doing. Bagpipes are fine but the worst place for a unicycle group, with its own sound system, is to be right ahead or behind of the pipers.

In the mid '80s I hung out with the Portland comedy crowd quite a bit. Johnny Johnston was “Mr. Bagpipes”, and still is. Check out these vids:

VanHalen’s Eruption (His old signature piece, looks like it still is)

3 minutes of piping routine (Love the “THX” intro)

8 minutes of routines (Did you see him at the SA Comedy Festival?)

Misc. Vids:

Dave, once you get the pipes mastered, you need to learn to rock like Johnny.

C’mon, it’s us you’re talking to here.

Of course we get it.

you GO, Dave!

good job!

we’re awaiting the video!


Congratulations are in order!
What other musical instruments do you play?

I played the accordion once while on a unicycle. A full size 120 bass accordion. I played my favorite “Too Fat Polka”.

Bagpipes > accordion

Grats, Dave. I’d love to see that. I’m inspired to go out tomorrow and uni with my own instrument. Yep, a harmonica! :o :smiley:

Really, though.

Thanx all.

The GALLERY gave me uphill, so I youtubed it.

Link is here.

And no, a quick youtube search on “unicycle” and “bagpipes” confirmed that I’m by no means the first.
(But the “1-9 of about 9” did make me feel a bit better)

I used to play bass in a couple of bands (in my younger days).
Bought the gf an accordion for her birthday and messed around with that a while back. Couldn’t get the two hands to work in harmony, it’s a mission.
We’re also looking at working up duo versions of some Leonard Cohen songs for bagpipes and accordion.
Should be fun.

As in… you are not the first? :thinking:

Woot, nice one Gild!

Waiting for the full blast-on Sk8r boi!

Incidentally, there was no sound in this vid:( But just seeing someone hold the bagpipes in their hands never fails to impress me.

Now that I want to hear :smiley:

That’s odd, because I can hear the sound just fine. He did an Amazing job as well. Can’t wait to hear skater boi! Now you probably would be the first to paly that!

I watched it with the sound now. Good stuff! I think the other amazingly impressive thing that, strangley, no one has mentioned is the fact that he is idling on the wall! Mad skillz, Dave!

And I don’t know what paly means:( Google won’t tell me either.

I watched it. I’m not sure which hurts more, my neck or my ears. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Mad skilz there Gild. The idea of pairing the bagpipes with an accordion is brilliant. Only thing more brilliant would be to add a baritone ukulele for a trio.

Nice! But was the filmer laying on his side? :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you offering?

A friend managed to ‘turn’ the video for me, so here’s the link for watching it without crinking your neck.

Dave that’s lovely, you idle with amazing grace…

i agree that is pretty cool, i too uni and play music!! my instrument of choice is the trombone though, it is definitely an attention getter :smiley: