When parking is far from the office!

Good Morning!

Well my company just signed a parking contract with a parking garage that is about half a mike away from the companies building! They did organize rides but to wait for a van to pick me up from the parking garage is kind of cheesy. I work in a high tech zone in Tel-Aviv Israel and parking is a major problem.

So I keep my Muni in the car trunk and just pedal in. It is great there are all sorts of ramps, Fountains, decks and flights of stairs between all of the high tech buildings that make a great obstacle course for me in the morning!

Ah the pleasures of one wheel! Just think what a pain in the ass it would be to get a bike in and out of the Mazda 3 trunk!


Oh, so you’re the guy in the Uni mag!

Yeah, I too appreciate the mobility of a unicycle. You can lug them wherever you go. Grocery shopipng’s quite a breeze too when you can just stuff your uni in the cart and ride off with groceries after payment.

That’s awesome. I also use my unicycle to run errands like shopping and the ride to work. But am thinking of attaching a trolley/trailer to it like the bikes do to make my shopping needs much less of a hassle. It may be weird or unusual but it would definitely be unique to see. :smiley: :smiley:

so you’ll basically just be riding a tricycle and sitting on the handlebars of the tricycle?

Actually it would be like me riding this and i’m sitting on the handlebars because of the height of my unis. :smiley: :smiley:

Why did you link to that page?

I was replying to iridemymuni to show him how high my uni (being the big wheel) is compared to a trailer i’m thinking of getting (being the small wheel) :smiley: :D. Sorry if i confused you haha :smiley: