When I go on leave...

If I am able to get back to the states in August, I would like to get into the unicycling scene where I live. Is there anything going on in the northwest during August?

Re: When I go on leave…

It seems to me like the North West (Washington) area has some of the most active unicyclists in the country. It seems they go on rides just about every week… that is when they aren’t traveling the world in search of new ground to ride. Where in Washington are you from? That might elicite more responce from those in that area. I am pretty sure several members of the Muni Militia are in that area.:smiley:

I’m about an hour south of Seattle, but if there’s anything going on in Vancouver, or down as far as Portland, I’m there.

Man to live in the North West!!! You are in unicycle mecca! Down South there aren’t many people to ride with, I spend most of my time on the trail alone…I’d never leave the Carolina’s but the numbers are lacking.
You have no trouble finding people to ride with Kraze.

Contrare Monfrare… Atlanta is the Unicycle Mecca! (actually Marietta) So be sure to face South East on your Uni everyday.:smiley:

Backward Wheel Walking Tips

I’ve been practising backwards wheel walking resently and I’m not really getting it, is it an especially hard trick to master? Has anyone got any tips?

sorry guys, ment to start that as a new thread