wheelol movie 3

hi unicyclists!

i just finished “movie 3” because it gets cold out there and i tried to finish the vid as soon as possible. thats also the reason why its short (as always…)

the other wheelol guy, bacary (bacardi), isnt often to see in this vid. its because he s more active in “parkour” and doesnt ride his uni very often.
he s a ölpumpi

baad youtube qualy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEwX3Vm_08E

better quality: http://www.wheelol.ch/movies/movie_3_dnb.wmv

hope it is a christmas gift for yall, not a material one, of course :stuck_out_tongue:

ride on

Nice video.

Did you end up landing that handrail…that was crazy long

That was awesome!

Very cool. I love watchin your vids. Nice clean 5 spin.

I thought the exact same thing. Then I realized he would have put it in if he landed it.

Still, it was a good video.

Awesome. I loved your 360 lateflips. They were perfect. Good work.

awesome! Good Job!

amazing video! Loved it! Have you landed that handrail? You need to video it if you have because that would be amazing!

Good job fido and of course bacardi! I like the flip on the rail and the video editing - go on. Schweiz rockt :-]


That was very cool. I liked the style. good 360 lateflip that was just snazzy. You should have tried the 19 stair rail more, that would be a record.(Im pretty sure)

nice vid! whrn i saw you atempt that hand rail all i thought was:

“I’m on the hand rail, to hell” :smiley:

Great vid! Riding and editing.
I think you should learn your crankflips one-handed… :stuck_out_tongue:
Keep it up!

auf alle fälle geil ! super die rail war amok

Just downloaded and watched again. Great choice of music, you have got to be one of the best uni film makers out there… keep it up good things are comin your way bro. If I could meet up with any other rider youd be up on the top of my list man, lover your style. To howevers got the white shoes… sweat kicks.


Really nice video, now I have all 3 saved on my comp.

I would have loved to see some more attempts at the handrail. I know you must have filmed more…

at first thx for all these nice comments

yh the handrail would have been sick if i landed. but i was sure i wouldnt land it, when i jumped on it, i prepared to fall… :wink: i have tried it like 10 times, and just put the funniest bail in the vid.
i think i will try that rail again in summer next year

haha thats right
i actually can do them one-handed, but not so good


great style…nice 540, i really liked the 360 flip that was cool

you got some sick skills! keep it up, i love yur style!

freekin’ shweet! :smiley: