I was wondering. Has anyone ever done a wheelie on a unicycle. I have been riding unicycles for a month or so. I can ride pretty well but I really wanna learn how to do a wheelie. I don’t think that it could much harder then doing one on one of those two wheelied unicycles AKA bikes. Well just if anyone can post a picture of them doing it and or a video. Cuz i would like to see that!!

um, your question makes no sense. you could grab some habdle bars and hold them aloft while riding but i don’t know what you’re takling about.

Have you ever seen someone do a wheelie on a bicycle. Well i would like to learn how to do one on my 24" inch Torker unistar. I thinks its possible but i need to learn how.

Not sure what you mean. This perhaps?

A wheelie on a bike as I understand it is riding only on the back wheel, so the essence of unicycling is a “wheelie.”

Hmmm… Possibly but lets take this to a philosphy point of view. Maybe there really is a second wheel and we just think that there is a one wheel so we can impress ourselves and others are impressed as how well you can ride a wheelie. eh!?!

Perhaps hes thinkin of like a manual, like coasting…?

a wheelie on a bike is pulling the front wheel up in the air, and only riding on the back wheel. there is only ONE wheel on a unicycle, hence the name, uni cycle. so you can’t pull one of the wheels into the air.

Go back to the PHILOSPHY post and take a look at that and ponder for ever!

yesss, I see your post on philosophy, and… you are quite wrong. I have inspected a unicycle several times, and there is, in fact, only one wheel.

How can you be so sure

you’re right. I bet there’s no such thing as a unicycle. someday, someone will actually invent a unicycle, and then suddenly everyone will realize that they actually had an invisible second wheel because they will suddenly be unblinded. sort of like Adam and Eve.

Is this guy for real? I also verify that the "UNI"cycle has one wheel. It does not have two. If it had two, I wouldn’t have hurt my knee today when I hit a large, raised crack in the sidewalk and landed square on my knee. A wheelie on anything involves lifting a wheel(s) off the ground. So I suppose hopping counts.


Maybe hopping does count and i feel sorry for your knee maybe you should have tried to do a wheelie. But after I do my wheelie i wanna try a bar spin in mid wheelie!

there are no bars. you MORON

You’re funny.

Edit: A bar spin? You must be confusing a unicycle with a bike, and here’s the difference. One has one wheel, and the other has two wheels. How many wheels does your cycle have?

It has two but i just think it has one so i can impress my self. It looks like what you would call a UNIcycle though.

You have a bicycle. Stop posting here.

Actually i have a unicycle and I am mad that I am hated here
I am just trying to ask a simple question. How do i do a wheelie on my unicycle!

Here’s another question. Does your definition of a unicycle wheelie involve the wheel leaving the ground? No hate here, but there is no trick on a unicycle called a wheelie because there are no extra wheels to pull off the ground. When you wheel leaves the ground, it’s called hopping. Is that what you are trying to do?

I have a question for you. Go back way back to the first post you see next to the topic there is a giant smiley face with the teeth and everything well thats called a joke smiley. I am JOKING about this wheelie junk but I am glad so many people were amused by it. I do ride unicycles, I do ride bicycles, and i do ride tricycles. And i can only do a wheelie on two of those. The bicycle and the tricycle. But we can still post in this thread.!