Wheel Walk of DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not exatly death but high enough to feel scary.

this pic was takin at the Salem Public library.you can see the big versions and a few more pics in my gallery . there is a nice one of DDR in there and the skatepark photo’s that you have already seen in the other thread.

Awsome pics jagur!!

You’re making freestyle look cool enough for me to want to try it. None of that sissy indoor riding for me. Take it to the streets.

It looks like your foot is coming off the pedal in the bench/armrest photo. Did you land it OK? I also notice a 24 ounce can of Icehouse on the other side of the benches. Skaters are practical… big can of beer makes it easier to carry. I bought one while on my 29er last week and was so thirsty I drank it on the way home.

cheers… Mojoe

One link lead to another like they do. I couldn’t help but notice in the picture of you riding off the park bench. Could that brown bottle sitting innocently on the ground be one of Australia’s finest, a Sheath Stout? I thought I could smell barley.

Icehouse, Sheath Stout… No wonder you’re trying these tricks! Alcohol impairs judgement… :smiley:

i guess nobodies reading the discriptions in the skatepark thread? those are not my beers,and lets not forget about the can of Budweiser off to the right of the Sheaf.

Mojoe,my foot did almost come off but i scooted it back on and went for rubber.then the lid collapsed and the uni ended up in the trash and i ended up about 4 feet away.

Where’s your helmet?

in the garage,im over sixteen so in Oregon i am exercising my right to choose.


Bet that gets your adrenaline pumping!

Wow! You’ve been posting heaps of interesting photos lately…keep up the good work. How narrow was the ledge?


yeah,DudleyDoRide got a new camera show i can finaly show off the world.:o

the ledge is about 12 inches wide.

I approve!

Just because you messed up on the trick, it does not mean you should throw your uni away! Give it to me instead.

Hey, now you just created the SHaKH-NAS (monster)… I should get the trashed uni!