Wheel Walikng

I find wheel walking very hard and i wonder if there are any tips about it. I have a 24 inch and i wonder if the wheel size makes any difference
Also, should the seat post be higher?


There are several threads already addressing this subject, I suggest using the search function.

In a nutshell, your mileage may vary:

  • 20" is preferred
  • Higher seat tends be easier
  • Sit up straight, seat/frame slightly back
  • Heal to toe, to heal to toe…
  • Practice, rinse, repeat.

Yes, it’s hard for most people. I spent last year practicing and am just now getting the feel for it.

here is a video of me wheel walking on a 24" muni I think the best way to learn is to hold onto an object put your feet on the frame and get used to the feel and then just give a shot then another one and just keep trying it until you got it down!

the best way is to keep practicing and never give up