Wheel sizes vs. different unicycling forms

Ok, I really haven’t been unicycling for very long but I’d like to get some things straight about the different forms of unicycling and the different sized wheels, I know that cranks and tires being knobbily makes a difference but based solely on tire diameter does this make sense?:

0 = Absolutely useless
1 = Possible, but v. rubbish
2 = Not very good
3 = Works fine, not ideal
4 = Pretty good
5 = Perfect

20" Wheels
Road: 0
Cross Country: 1
Mountain Unicycling: 2
Street/Freestyle/Trial: 5

24" Wheels
Road: 2
Cross Country: 3
Mountain Unicycling: 5
Street/Freestyle/Trial: 3

26" Wheels
Road: 3
Cross Country: 5
Mountain Unicycling: 4
Street/Freestyle/Trial: 2

29" Wheels
Road: 4
Cross Country: 5
Mountain Unicycling: 3
Street/Freestyle/Trial: 0

36" Wheels
Road: 5
Cross Country: 4
Mountain Unicycling: 1
Street/Freestyle/Trial: 0

Anyone disagree, or is this generally correct?
Oh and hi I’m new here :slight_smile:

I think a 26" could work as well as a 24" for street riding. It would probably perform freestyle and trials a little less admirably though.

Ah ok, I guess the 26" wheel is only a little bigger than the 24" wheel so I guess it couldn’t be that bad.

Anyone know what tire size would be best for Muni/XC/Road? My gut instinct would be to say a 26"x2.6" wheel.

26" x 3" with KH moment dual cranks either 125/150mm or 137/165mm lenght.


26" is a 5 for street too :wink: Look at fidos videos.

The best tire i had for XC is the Maxxis Advantage in 2.25.
Best for muni: 26x3.0 (i love my duro for DH :smiley: )

Haha, looks like the 26" wheel is the best all-rounder then since it’s awesome for XC, Muni aaaand street :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m only riding a Club Freestyle 24" at the moment, a nice learning uni but not a lot more than that.