wheel size

Simple question ; what is the best wheel size for: 1 Hockey 2 Stunts 3 Juggling
4 Transport.

  Please answer soon, I NEED to decide which to get now.

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j.hamilton2@ic.ac.uk wrote:
> Simple question ; what is the best wheel size for: 1 Hockey 2 Stunts 3
> Juggling 4 Transport.

    The best answer to that is personal preference. Some people like 20"
    uni's, others like 24". For stunts and manuverability, the 20" uni's are
    a bit more agile. It's easier to spin them around, hop, and do other fun
    stuff. This can be an advantage in hockey as well--being able to move to
    the puck is a good thing, the faster the better. Well, and then there
    are the 24" uni's. If the puck is 20 yards away, and either you or the
    guy on the other team right next to you is going to get it. The race
    toward the puck will probably be won by the guy with a 24". The wheel
    size does have a vast impact on speed. For transportation, about a dozen
    people here (at Mudd) ride to class on a daily basis; we all use 24".
    They are a bit faster, and for long distance, quite a bit more
    comfortable than the 20" version.

                                                    - John Larkin

Re: wheel size

Ta for the responses on suitable uni’s. I am now the proud owner of a 24" Sem.
Wow! Best new toy I’ve had for years (probably since the technic lego car of
Christmas 1981). One extra question - I’ve seen people on Sems with stickers on
the forks proclaiming the Semness of their 'cycles. Mine has come without - I
am now thinking of the best way of decorating it. Any ideas?

P.S. I will buy a unicycling T-shirt if someone produces one.

RE: Wheel Size

I recommend the 20" for 180’s, idling, and other skills where the wheel has to
make quick movements. I recommend the 24" for learning to ride backward, and
anything where the wheel continuously rolls.

But idling and backward riding are learned together. The final solution is to
learn the skills on both wheels, but the above formula should serve as a basic
guide for which wheel might be a little easier.

John Foss

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Subject: Wheel Size Author: “Unidiver@webtv.net” [SMTP:Unidiver@webtv.net] at
MSXGATE Date: 6/1/98 7:36 AM

In regards to practice and learning all these skills: 180’s, idling, riding
backwards, etc., what size uni would be the best to use? I ride fairly
competently mounting, going forward, and turning on all the sizes, but need some
work on the skills. Sometimes the 24" seams ideal, while at other times a 20"
feels right. I’ll have to admit that most of the time the temptation is to just
grab the 26" and go cruising, but that’s not helping my skill level too much–.
Any and all advice in this area will be much appreciated. I recently purchased a
Pashley Muni and would like to say what a nice ride it is. The only mod I had to
make was to install a Viscount seat. What a great Uni! Thanks again, Mike