Wheel removal with Magura HS-33 brakes

I recently got a unicycle with brakes. They are the Magura HS-33 model. One complaint I have about the brakes is that I have to remove one side to take the wheel off.

I was reading the technical manual for the brakes and noticed that they appear to have quick release features for bicycles.

Can someone explain for me if this is a possibility on my unicycle? Right now there is a bracket that has two bolts holding the brake to the frame. The brake bosses have two threaded holes that the bracket attaches to.

The frame in question is a KH24.

Thanks for any advice.


The QR you described is only for cantilever or V-brake type studs.

I usually just deflate the tire and pinch it to get it through the brake pads.

if you had one brake boss on each side like bikes, you could have the quick release. because you have a 2 post set up, you (i’m almost positive) can’t have the quick release feature.

I have two quick releases on my bike brake, two flips of switches, and my brakes are completely off.

For this reason, any uni i have with a brake will have this setup, not the post mount

thats fine as long as your cool with a slightly heavier and more flexy brake.the two bolt pattern comes off with a 5mm wrench pretty fast imo.

George is on the money. Just deflate the tire and you’re good to go.

I’ve used both types and even without the quick-release feature, I vastly prefer the two-bolt type. It is so much nicer. Just take one side off (takes 10 seconds) or deflate the tire. Putting it back on takes maybe a minute since you have to adjust and get it just right. The design is so clean and works so well. I’ve also found that this is something I rarely have to do. Using the Gazz I just don’t get flats (well, maybe once a year).


hmmm, all valid points…you win (plus it looks a lot cleaner, i suppose)

I didn’t even mention the booster issue…