wheel padding?

im gonna make a unicycle out of a motorcycle tire but what should i use to pad the wheel and keep it like inflated only not?
like put foam in them or something?
what do you suggest?
thanks to anyone who replys

It all depends, why not inflate it as normal on the motorcycle wheel as I dont see how you would fit such a tire on an average unicycle or bike rim. To truly be helpful we need more detail on your rig.

i was planning on taking a bunch of pvc rings and like putting them all around the inside of the tire and like make it all out of pvc as my experience with pvc is that it tends to be pretty strong.

but do you understand or no?
if not ill draw a picture and try to put it on here if i figure out how

How will you add something similiar to spokes and connect the cranks, I guess I don’t understand.

i sorta had the same idea except with a small car tire and a BC wheel, not a uni…

you could make a kida thick, flat frame, like on the old schwinn models, except wider than that…