Wheel building spokes' pattern

I need help. I’m going to build a 32 spokes wheel in a 2 cross lacing THAN I’m going to move 2 spokes at a time and swap all to a 3 cross pattern! I cannot understand how to start the 2 cross lacing step to achieve the 3 cross pattern with valve in the right position… even if I imagine to move back in time I cannot figure what is the starting position of spokes… can anyone help me with this weird question?

I don’t think I really understand what you are trying to do, but maybe this video from Ali Clarkson will help where he is doing quite a few wheel builds with various patterns. You might be able to figure out what you need from looking at his builds. You may well have seen this before though.


Why not just start with the 3 cross?

Here is a video, Lacing a Rear 32 Spoke Wheel, 3 Cross

Why lace it in 2 cross first then?

And don’t forget that the spoke length for 2 cross and 3 cross is different.

My spokes will alongate 6mm when tightened. So I start with a 2 cross, than I swap to 3 cross. I use black spokes and a couple of white ones at the valve… that is why I’m going crazy about it🤗

You should be able to put the white spokes in the correct spot at the hub for 3 cross from the start, one can stay next to the valve on the rim, the other just lace wherever it lands in a 2 cross.

Although I would probably try and figure out a different solution to the elongation issue, I would expect that by applying torque at the hub you should be able to lace all spokes into a 3 cross directly. That way you only have 8 spokes where you need to stretch the spoke while getting them to their nipple, instead of doing that for at least 16 with your swapping idea.

You are right!