Wheee - Back to riding freely at last

After thirteen months I am finally riding without a sling. While I have got used to riding with it (I’ve done about 3,500km with it) it certainly feels nice to be able to do short turns at ramps and in amongst traffic with a minimum of fuss. On Monday I rode to work with the sling in the backpack but then took it out for good when I got home.

Though it still feels like I have forgotten something every time I commence a free mount. Feels weird.


Great! Have fun.


and now to explore new places…

The shoulder is doing great - I am averaging quite a bit more each week than I did last year and while I have lost too much time to get past last years total, I have recently passed 4000km for the year. And it feels great moving and twisting in the tight spots without the sling.

But the biggy to finish off what could have been a dismal year is I am heading OS for three weeks and taking the unicycle with me. Three weeks of cruising and exploring around the beaches and tracks of Mauritius. Sun, sand, sweat. Whooooo.

Hi Colin!

Just found this radio interview on the net.
You’re doing really great, another icon to popularize unicycling.



Hello Colin and Byc!

Byc, thanks for posting the radio link!
I enjoyed listening.

Colin, congrats on not needing the sling any longer. It was nice to hear your interview and find out a little more about this guy “Old and Cranky,” who certainly does not seem to be either!

Thanks for the smiles!

Thanks for te kind words guys but I do assure you, the body tells the truth, I am old and getting older. Fortunately old does not worry me greatly but I have lost lots of function over the last decade and that does.

btw the print journalist on that link managed to jumble various bits of my discussion with the audio journalist and come up with a fiction. For example, the original injury as a youth meant that I later took up squash as I could no longer play tennis. Cause confused with effect. The rather flattering edited audio is very true to discussion.

In Mauritius I have managed 220km so far and it could have been far more but my family commitments to driving, shopping and social engagements with friends have been substantial. Nevertheless I did my first really long ride of 40km yesterday. Despite the horrendous heat and humidity of Mauritius I suffered no adverse aftereffects at all. I don’t imagine I will get another chance for a full days riding before I head back home on the weekend.

For the record I got to do a lot more riding and finished up on 324km. Which is probably a bit more than what I would have done at home anyway. All very satisfying and it just makes me wish that I did not have to waste five days a week at work when I could be riding and exploring instead!

For SURE!!!

Hey Colin!
Keep rollin!