whats your NKS rating?

NKS= New Kewl System (ok it might need a new name :p)

i think they should change the level system. it should be replaced with my kewl system. instead of having a level you have a rating. every skill or trick will have a certain amount of points (if the skill is in level 5 then it gets 5 points), then you add up all the points from all the skills you can do then get a rating… and the best thing is it doesn’t matter what order you do things in (example you can wheel walk before you can ride backwards)

if you can:
free mount (1)
ride 50m (1)
ride down 15cm vertical drop (2)
hop 5 times (3)

you would have a rating of 7 (if my math is right :p)

in the NKS (new kewl system) my rating is 75

what is your NKS rating?


Interesting Idea!
Mine would be around 140.

I do trials and Muni.

I’m around 160 on a good day where I havn’t had any caffeine (caffeine makes me really wobbly and gitttttery…)


595 is the max you can be so i am 75/595


I picked up another level ten skill, (one-footed wheel walk in circle with left foot) so now I’m 549/595.:slight_smile:

Whoops! I calculated it, and the max is 603, not 595.

dude what a really cool idea… im 246 sounds alot better than level 5.


i will come to 374/603

Nice way to count you valuable.

I think I will build a script that’s is calculating this way of score for my website.


this is an awsome idea! i will use this system when at my club. I am currently 226/603

Been ridin for 6 months, and I’m at 83/603

Im 412/603 (i think)

nice idea!!!
after 2.5 months of riding i’m a 150 :slight_smile:
The one thing i don’t like about those skills is it doesn’t measure you’re trials or MUni ability… it’s mostly freestyle

Im at 97

I’m at 238.

It’s nice that you get to score skills like one foot riding several times just because you can do it with either foot. You get to score it once for level 5 and twice for level 6. Bonus!

I don’t like calculating stuff by hand when I’m sitting in front of the computer so I made a spreadsheet to do the grunt work for me. The spreadsheet is on my Unicyclist.com web space. Direct link to the download is here: nks_unicycle_skills_rating.zip

The zip file contains an OpenOffice spreadsheet file and an Excel spreadsheet file. I created the spreadsheet using OpenOffice and exported the Excel version. I don’t have Excel to be able to confirm that the file actually works.

Re: whats your NKS rating?

On Fri, 25 Mar 2005 01:47:16 -0600, “john_childs” wrote:

>I don’t
>have Excel to be able to confirm that the file actually works.

The file does work, thanks John.

Question to saam (the ‘owner’ of the NKS):

Does one have to get in and out of the skill as per the level rules,
or is just doing the skill in itself sufficient to score?

Also, I understand that the maximum allowed number of failures per
level doesn’t apply, right? So if you can ‘just’ do it, you qualify.

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where is the website with it? :thinking:

Im 350