Whats the widest tire to fit standerd rim?

What is the widest(or best for for trials) tire that will fit a standerd 20" rim?

The torker dx comes with a 2.3 kenda k-rad,surley theres a better one that will fit a stock rim?

Onza sticky finger 2.4 is the biggest, they’re available from unicycle.uk.com, and probably other places too.
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It should say on your tire.For instance one of mine says 20 x 2.125 k180-002 The inner diameter of your rim from bead to bead will be 180 mm. 20 would be the circumference 2.125 width.
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I don’t know much about 20" tires. How could the inner diameter from bead to bead be 180mm? Thats only 18cm. I don’t think 20 is the circumference, I think the 20 refers to the 20 inch diameter of the rim or tire. It gets pretty confusing since tires are measured in inches and some are measured by rim size and some measured by tire size (eg 28" and 29"). It would probably be even more confusing for a while if we measured everything in metric.

Widest 20" tire

There are several tire makers making true 3" wide tires for the standard 20" rim. I saw one tonight in Wal-Mart mounted on a West Coast Choppers bicycle. Can’t remember the brand name, though. I’ve also purchased one from Hoggy G called the 20 G. These tires are designed to fit a normal width rim, not an extra wide rim like the trials tires. There is an Alex DX 32 rim in the true 20" diam. (instead of 19", like the trials rims)as well, if you want to re-lace a wheel. But you need to make sure your frame has the clearance for these tires before going to all of the trouble and expense.

The 20 G tire I have is unsatisfactory for unicycle use. It handles very strangely, causing me to wobble and wander and fall off, especially on pavement. It also has thin sidewalls, which allow it to fold when doing side hops. I wish they made a real trials tire in the standard 20" diam., but as far as I know, they don’t :angry:

I have been also looking for wide 20" tires…

I’m looking to getting myself an upgraded 20" from my cheapy 20" which is becoming a loaner.


would this be too wide to fit




side question about 20" items, how much lighters is a kh frame vs the nimbus-street frame?
I’m leaning on the nimbus since all my other unis use 25.4mm seatpost…


Those should fit in that frame. I don’t know what the weight difference is but it’s fairly significant.

i am running a 2.4in f-mark its as wide as a try-all

Got a link or a picture? I don’t recognize that one.

I’ve been curious about the 2.5" Qu-Ax Cross 20" tire. There’s a list here of frames it will fit in:

It looks pretty wide and it’s built for dropping and bouncing and the type of things you’d want to do on a unicycle, unlike the chopper tires.