What's the difference between....

What’s the difference between Cottered and Cotterless cranks? :thinking:

Cottered cranks are the older design. There is a cotter pin through the crank to keep the crank from spinning on the axle.

Square Tapered cranks are the newer, better design (cotterless). The axle is square and a matching square surface on the crank, keeping it from spinning on the axle. If they aren’t kept tight, or just from wear the crank and/or the hub will get rounded, causing the crank to move on the hub.

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Simple. Cotterless = not cottered.

Did you mean What Are Cottered Cranks? :slight_smile:

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So what dose it matter.

I think it’s time to retire the term “cotterless” to describe square-taper cranks. ISIS is cotterless too.

no, nothing wrong with it but they made a search button for that exact reason…

I figured “cotterless” just meant they didn’t have a cotter. But it turns out that term is only used for the square-tapered hubs. So the one-piece crank on my bicycle is not called cotterless, nor are the splined hubs, etc.

“Cotterless” sounds like a positive thing, which it is, compared to cottered cranks. Only, as far as I know, nobody makes cottered-crank unicycles anymore, so now “cotterless” is the cheap generic version.

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