Whats the best uni for trials?

Hey guys and girls whats the best uni for trials at the moment i have a pined norco uni but i got told they don’t make pind cranks so i’m messed up at the moment so plz help me:D so e-mail me plz mountain_biker001@hotmail.com ok thanks alot (new_unicycler) aka tony thanx

i like my custom with a monty frame, tire and rim with a kh hub and cranks and a torker dx saddle but lots of ppl get the kh 20 in

If its not too much, I think you should get the KH 20"

also, I’m pretty sure the koxx devil is also pretty good.

Could you please tell us your price range so we could help more. Thanks!

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if you have enough money, you should get the KH.

Splined hub and crankest is by far the strongest. Good splined trials uni’s are the KH, Onza, anything Profile. Qu-Ax is cheaper, and aside from being a little heavier it’s great. The Torker DX is the cheapest splined trials.

Non-splined, or squre taper, is the weakest option. (although stronger than cottered pin cranks) It will hold up fine if you only do small drops, say… no more than 3 1/2 - 4 feet with good landings. The new Nimbus non-splined trials on www.unicycle.com is a good one.

Basically… Get the most expensive unicycle you can afford.
Trials unicycles are as good as the price you paid for them (mostly)
Here they are ranked in order of acending cost…
Torker DX '06
Qu-ax splined
KH '04
Nimbus Hoppley
Koxx-one Devil
KH (Blue ones woot)
Custom Built Supreme Machine
You will notice that KH is not the be unicycle available, it is just the best STOCK unicycle. The cheaper the unicycle the heavier/weaker they are. There is probably some unicycles not listed on here. Please use search function before asking quesitons that have been asked a trazillion times before

Heres a decent thread


The Koxx-one are really good, no ankle clips or anything from there awsome crank design. Very light as well, but a lil pricey, im in the market for one as we speak(type whatev). The Kh(blue one) is really light thats for sure lil pricey as well…Qu-ax is just waay to heavy, if you are considering a qu-ax just get a torker 06. I have been using a modifed Torker 04 for a while…But it took some 8 ft drops with no roll outs to trash that bod boiy. Ohh and one more REALLY good one, the profile trials uni from UDC in the trials section, prolly the most expensiveof the bunch…

I’m probably going to get flamed for this one, but DON’T get the KH one. The cranks are seriously flimsy. My brother bent two pairs on his KH24 in under a month. His Qu-ax, which he’s been riding quite hard for 1.5 years is still in tiptop shape. (That’s including the occasional 2 meter drop, poorly rolled out stair set, bails, etc.)

Flame! What model KH did he have?