Whats the best trials uni for around $300?

I am wondering what The best trials unicycle I can get for around $300 I want to get my moneys worth and want something that will last I like to go off drop offs and want a unicycle that can handle 4-5ft drop offs I am also just starting to get into unispins and such and would like to try trials. If you have a good trials unicycle that can do this and got it for around $300 let me know because I would like to buy a new one for about that price.

Thanks Jholy

defintly for that money (if that is usd) you should get a nimbus. bit heavy but strong

I heard Nimbus’s break easy

I’d go with Nimbus with KH moment cranks. They are really strong. I dont where you’ve heard about easily breaking Nimbus unis because pretty much everyone is really satified with Nimbus unis. They are really good unis.


Maybe this was in relation to their beginner freestyle and general purpose unicycles being used for jumping?

A Nimbus Trials with Moment cranks ($340?) will be the reliable, durable uni that you seek. You won’t have to worry about it failing anymore than you would with any other unicycle available.

Sounds great thanks alot guys now I just have to figure what color to buy:)

Would it be worth it to upgrade the cranks because now that I look at it thats $53 more dollars and thats geting pricey


I have a nimbus with ventures and they are doing me good, the biggest drop ive done would be around 4ft, so you could just get the nimbus cranks that come on them and upgrade later. Depends how good you are i suppose.

Ahh municycle.ca .

I don’t have much experience with the Moments but the Ventures on my freestyle uni seemed to be scraped relatively easily during a couple unplanned crank grabs on concrete. They are both 7075 T-6 aluminium but my guess is that the Moments are cold-forged which would make them stronger and give them a harder finish. The Moments also have the steel pedal inserts so you won’t likely damage the threads.

Also note that the Ventures only come in 125mm while the Moments come in either 125mm or 137mm. For pure trials I would recommend 137’s but that’s preference.

If you plan to use the unicycle heavily for a long time I think it is worth the price, you are actually getting improved long-term reliability for the money. However the Ventures may last you just as long (like all ISIS cranks Moments aren’t immune to interface wear), so I really wouldn’t worry about it after you make the decision.

moments will weigh your uni down unless you drill them, but I’d get the ventures then if they break (which won’t probably happen for while) then get moments.

but the moments are worth the weight.


The Moments are Bombproof! No one did break their KH moment cranks, they are really worth the price they are!:smiley:

true but the nimbus uni is already heavy and if he’s a novice then he doesn’t need them but they are amazing