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I started unicycling 6 days ago, and i can self mount 90% of the time, go pretty much as far as i can, and i cant turn that well. After i get turning down, what should i work on, and what will the difference be between a 20" and a 24" SUN?

the difference between the two uniccyles is that the 20" will have a smaller bmx sized wheel than the 24". the 2 will have marginally less control thatn the 20 but will roll faster.

after turning, you should learn to hop maybe, as that is fairly easy to learn, and maybe even venture into the realms of idling, and getting the feel for how that works as it is such a practical technique to have. hope that helps you out

I would recommend you get a Torker LX 20" or 24". The 20" is $96 on unicycle.com What do you have now that you need to get a new one already?

Work on riding over little bumps maybe. Up and down driveways onto the street. Ride off curbs. (no its not as long a drop as it appears.) Just remember to stand up.

right now i have a nonbrand 20". its an ok unicycle, probably purchased for $40 or something. I bought a SUN 24" on ebay for a total of $70 before realizing I live in florida and I’m going to end up doing trials. I want to save up for a 20 X 2.5 tire with a holm seat. thanks-----George


Summit. The last one went for about $210. I recieved an offer the next day to buy another one that he had for $202, my bid. Summit is the same as the KH except for the frame and the seat. The frame is not what breaks.

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>After i get
>turning down, what should i work on?

See the skills levels at <http://www.unicycling.org/iuf/levels/> for suggestions. Come back when you’ve got them all down :slight_smile:

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I hate to break it to you, but that won’t work. The widest tire that’ll fit a 20" rim is about 2.125-2.3. A 20x2.5 fits a special class of rims called 19". They’re wider than normal rims, and they’re also about 15.5" in diameter. So, forget about putting a 2.5" tire on a 20" rim, it just won’t happen. Also, if you’re serious about trials, get a nimbus trials uni. Then, when you start breaking stuff (translation: in about 9-16 months), you can upgrade.

As for technique, start hopping, and try to learn to turn smmothly, idle, and go backwards. None of those are really all that hard, and they’re fun. Wear a helmet for all of them. Also, practice both idleing and backwards in 1 session, because it’s a tossup which ;youj’ll learn first, but with one, comes the other.


i think that is a 20 X 2.5 if im not mistaken

Yep, the Summit has a 20 x 2.5.

The eBay description is incorrect (are eBay descriptions ever correct?). The Summit does not have a 20 inch rim. It uses a 19 inch rim as used on mod trials bikes.

The trials unicycles use a 19" rim and a fat 2.5" tire. The combination gives it a rolling diameter similar to a standard 20" wheel with a skinny tire.

You cannot fit a 20" BMX tire on the Summit rim. You cannot fit the tire from the Summit on a 20" BMX rim. It is not correct to call the Summit tire a 20 x 2.5" tire because it will not fit on a 20" rim.

Unicycle.com UK does have a 20" x 2.4" Sticky Fingers Tyre. This tire is similar to the trials tires (like the tire on the Summit) but it will fit a standard 20" BMX rim. However, due to the width it will not fit in all 20" unicycle frames.

all right, thanks

Monty and other makers of the mod trials tires call them 20 x 2.5 and that annoys me to no end because they are not 20" tires. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking that they’ll fit on a 20" BMX rim.

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On Sun, 29 Feb 2004 16:06:47 -0600, gpickett00 wrote:

>After i get
>turning down, what should i work on?

See the skills levels at <http://www.unicycling.org/iuf/levels/> for
suggestions. Come back when you’ve got them all down :slight_smile:

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