What's next?? help.

Ok, here is my sorry unicycling resume. I can go forward, backwards and idle and hop some. Yep, that’s about it. Now for the big question… what would be the next easiest thing to learn? Should I try riding one foot? Hopping onto something? idle with one foot? Stomach on seat, seat in front??? I would seriously like to hear any suggestions on what I can incorporate into what I can do. What is the next easiest ( I do mean easiest) thing to learn. Thanks again for the help.

Hopping will be the most fun but it will take a whlie to get good unless you have some other trails experience.

hopping on and off of things is awesome!

1 foot is quite easy to learn, at least for me, and once you do that, playing around with one foot idle is fun, and it will come with time and practice, as everything does!

stomach on seat is quite easy with a little practice

and seat in front will just tempt you over time.

the best advice i can give, is to just go have fun, experiment, and find challenges that YOU enjoy. if you find a particular “trick” fun, concentrate on learning that, and then find something else to learn.

We are about at the same level

One thing I did a lot of this afternoon on the 36 was to ride a long ways with a hand on the seat. Left and right. It’s not hard, obviously, but I hadn’t really focused on it enough to make it as comfortable as no hands. Seems like a useful skill. My balance is still much better going "airplane " LOL.

I understand. I ride much better with the hands hanging too. Ha!

Have you tried…
SIF - Seat In Front
SIB - Seat In Back
SIS - Seat In Side

If you have then Wheel Walking is a good thing to try, cause it can lead to coasting and other stuff. :smiley:

that may be a little while… there is nothing that says you have to do all types of riding.

Do what seems fun and getting comfortable with riding is important. Make your own style.

Thanks for all the input. What I am interested in is what would be the next easiest trick to transition to now that you know what I can already do. I am already pretty good at “dismounts”! Ha!

haha, that was funny :stuck_out_tongue: well, i think you are a bit better than me, but now i try to learn wheel walk and gliding, and of course better hoping :stuck_out_tongue: (Y) good luck!

What kind of riding do you want to get into? Freestyle, trials, MUni, street? That would help a lot w/ our suggestions.

I really do not have any "Muni opportunities here by the coast so from what I can figure I guess I should be learning trials. Those skills look like they are used everywhere. BTW what is a good trials uni to start with? I will never become hi speed. I’ve been told the torker dx is pretty much multi purpose.

DX is good, but because of the new Nimbus ISIS trials uni that is out, the DX isn’t the greatest anymore. So if you can afford the Nimbus ISIS trials uni, you can still go for the DX.

Both unis are very strong, and will last you a while.

If you go with the Nimbus, you can upgrade the cranks to KH moment cranks, which I would recommend to do.

i have a dx 24" and its kinda heavy but it holds up well. the next logical thing would be working on riding one footed or wheel walking. I am still working on wheel walking now but it is always fun. I am trying to eventually learn to glide but it will take a while. GL

I also say go w/ the Nimbus trials/Muni. if you get the Muni then you can use it for transportation as well (but no brake mounts, there must be some trials somewhere around there for Muni). If you want a cheep Muni w/ brake mounts get the 24" DX. A 24 is a bit harder for trials, but much faster and better for Muni.

Brian-O demonstratted it’s possible to take a Nimbus trials and make it lighter than a stock KH.
Stronger and lighter Qu-Ax seatpost, stronger KH, Onza, or Qu-Ax cranks, cf seatbase, and Magnesium or plastic Pedals.

As far as what to work on if you want to do trials hop up/down curbs, then stairs one at a time then two at a time then,eliminate prehops and do it all of it SIF. If you don’t have a splined uni yet don’t do the drops.

I bought a KH 20 for 371 $ last May

And that included shipping. You have to email AEB first and arrange the deal. This is the best deal available I think. Just put on some lighter pedals and you are styling. Long story, read this thread. Cool business comments from Kris, and from A E Bike. :sunglasses: