What's new in seats?

I apologize for not being much of a forum follower, but when looking on some unicycle sites I’m seeing some different looking seats. Recent events have given me a lot more time to ride, and my current saddle is not especially comfortable. I have the standard Nimbus (numbus?) saddle that came with my 24 Muni and 29 road models. Is there anything new I might check out for a little more comfort? Thanks!

flatten the saddle !
cheapest home made solution

If you are curious about flatter saddles, you could also find some used KH Zero or One as they are not to everybody’s liking (thus saving money and taking less risk if you do not like it in the long run).
Otherwise, cooking your own saddle works well (requires either a removable cover or a staple gun)

Seats have gotten flatter, is the main part of it. But it is still a very personal choice to make, as everyones body is different.

I personally really like my QX-eleven seat, and know many that like them too. A lot of people really like the Fusion Zero/One, once they get used to it, but others seem to never get used to it and don’t like it. So far, I haven’t met anyone who really likes the Nimbus Stadium, but my sample size of people is small on that one.

If you are feeling experimental, there are the mad4one handle saddles. From what I hear, the “handle” part of it feels really great for riding, and the saddle portion works better than it looks. It might be improved now, but the last time I’ve seen it the brake mounting wasn’t amazing on them. I test rode one on someone elses uni, and it’s definetely something you need some time with to get used to as well, but I also immediately felt the advantages of having a rigid seat/handle combination.

The best thing to do still remains to try as many different ones as possible, so if there are unicyclists in your area, test ride their unicycles.