What's Happening Today

this type of thread does well on a couple Motorcycle forums I’m on so I thought we could try it here.
it’s simple you discuss anything you want as long as it’s recent activities
you don’t half to respond to any previous comments in your post

lets see if it works here

so I rode my new 32 right at 10 miles the other day, made some great progress on a couple things. then I took my Wife Ice skating for our Anniversary the next day and must have pulled a muscle in my leg :frowning: so now I’m waiting to feel better so I can ride some more

Bike paths in Oslo (Norway) are almost completely clear of snow and ice, wich are unusual for this time of year. I really dont’t care about poor skiing conditions or no white Christmas as long as I can ride my 36’er.

You went for the 36er eh? Maybe I should. I am still using the 26er with a studded tyre.

As for me. Yesterday I tried the mad4one handlebar saddle I got from Christmas for my daily commute yesterday but it was so uncomfortable that I could face it for a second day for fear I would be permanently damaged, so I went back to a more traditional saddle today (also mad4one).

I might open it up and look at the padding on the weekend and see what i can do/adjust to make it work for me. That and pray that it is not just totally incompatible with my anatomy.

Good conditions for 36’er (without studs) right now. KH Fusion Freeride, Foss, Nightrider Light, 138 cranks AND a brake. 20 - 30 kilometers is enough at the moment.

It’s Saturday morning here and I’d been planning to do some work on the fence I’m building. But there’s a total fire ban today due to the weather conditions, and among other things that means no welding or grinding outside. So no fencing today.

Instead I might finally get around to servicing my 36er. It needs some paint touched up, new brake pads and rotor and a brake bleed. The bearings are probably due for a repack too, and if I’m feeling really motivated I might rebuild the pedals.

WOW at this point in my riding I can’t even imagine getting a uni to the point of needing all that work, well except the touch up paint :roll_eyes: had to do that to my 24 the other day

Heh, I replace brake pads about once a year (those who do heavy muni probably do so more often). This is the first time I’ve worn out a rotor though.

Yeah, a very mild winter thus far here in southern Germany as well. We had 3 light snows end of November and middle of December but then it was warm. My local trails are in ideal condition: frozen hard at night so no mud and two 36er muni tours this week at 3-7C and sunny! Today I did 29km on the trails! Really nice for January!!

Yada, yada, yada, I’m very tired today.

had to order new knee and elbow pads, our new puppy got a hold of them and decided they were a chew toy.

I just went to pump up my 36er tyre ready for an early morning ride tomorrow and busted another Foss tube. It split near the valve stem, like the last one.

I put a 29er tube in since I had one handy. First time I’ve done that and I was expecting some difficulty based on other people’s reports but it was a non event. I’ll probably stick to 29er tubes from now on since I can get them locally and they can’t be any worse to patch (I wouldn’t want to patch a Foss tube in the field).

After hopping back on the wheel for the first time in a couple years I decided to try my hand at trails after riding primarily street and urban previously. Just swapped out the Hookworm on my old trusty 24 with a 24x2.5 Kenda Nevegal.

Then I discovered the plastic housing on my bike pump had broken and I couldn’t pump any air in :frowning:

But I’m excited to test it out and try out some trails


Today I had a total facepalm moment. I’ve been experiencing a bit of wrist discomfort on my 36er so I spent some time today experimenting with different handlebar arrangements. I’ve been running the straight Shadow extension and thought that using the curved extension to raise the grips up might help take some of the weight off my wrists.

After about two hours of experimenting I just didn’t like the way the uni handled with the higher bars. So I disassembled everything and put the straight extension back on.

When reassembling the straight bar I happened to angle the bar ends up slightly (about 5mm higher at the ends) compared to the old position, and… it’s a massive improvement in comfort! I could have solved the problem in two minutes instead of hours of tinkering.

Next time I’ll try the simple things first. Doh!

So since (as you point out) the weather is suitable for a 36’er here in Oslo I switched back to it for the commute today.

Sadly I think I have had too much time away on the 26’er and was not used to how the bigger wheel moved underneath me. I had the worst UDP I have had in a while on the way back and crashed hard to the floor as I went up a slight hill. Completely flat on my front. No lasting damage (just minor brusing) but it certainly hurt and wounded my pride a little when some kind person rushed over to help me. Not least because I got the impression they wondered why I was doing this when I was clearly so bad at it. Oh well… :o

Sorry to hear that! I feel you.

Today for me? Third week of no uni because I tore a muscle on the front of my upper thigh. Physiotherapist said “no sports” for a while until the tear is wounded. :frowning:
Happened on a pretty harsh rear dismount…

“No sports for a while until the tear is wounded”? Well, I think that means you can ride now :slight_smile:

Ouch, that is a lot worse. I hope the recovery is fast!

Really sorry to hear about that, pierrox. I’ll add my wishes for a full and timely recovery, having had a few of those, “I’m not the kid I once was,” events along the way. :frowning: Time and rest and good care should fix it.

damn pierrox that’s harsh, wishing for a speedy and solid recovery for you

Hope you get well soon pieroxx