What's a used KH Freeride 24 worth?

I’m getting out of unicycling. I’ve been cutting back a lot over the last year, and I’m ready to give it up now. I have an '05 KH Freeride. It’s in great condition, since it only went on 3 or 4 muni rides ever, and whenever I was doing something that would break the unicycle, I’d use Hell On Wheel’s uni. :wink:
There’s a new guy here who’s interested in buying it. How much should I ask for it? is $430 too much? I paid $520+shipping for it a year and a half ago.

man, if you would have sold it b4 the new one came out you might sell it for that…

You should keep it. Unless you really need the money, you can always go back to it if later on. Also, you can also please your guests by showing you riding it:) . Your unicycle though is not going to be worth much now, and people arn’t going to be all that interested because of the 2007 models :sunglasses: .

ill give you 20$ for it

i can get you about $200 for it :slight_smile:

ill give you 25$ and the satisfaction of knowing youve made my life happier than its ever been lol

Can I buy back my GB4 handle?

So, why are you giving up unicycling?

you giving unicycling up?
quick everone put on your business suits and frown upon him

The GB4 was for the Guni, not the Muni. I just haven’t had a chance to put it on the Guni yet because…well, you know why!

Are you just giving up Muni, or unicycling altogether?


I’ll keep my freestyle and my BC wheel, probably the 28" as well (doesn’t hurt much with the 80mm cranks.)

Guys, I love unicycling, and for the past year I’ve tried to keep it up, but there’s just a point it’s just not worth it. My injuries aren’t going to heal if I don’t stop completely. I’d rather not be walking with a permanent limp by the time I’m 30, so for at least the next year or so, I quit.

Never say quit…The word quit has a nasty connotation with forever…Your just stopping that way your totally free to start again.

dont “stop and be free to keep going”, KEEP THE EFFORT UP

I might buy it from you I liked riding that thing, I dont know how much I would be willing to pay though…I also dont know how much it would go for. I could also pick it up from you which would save on shipping.

keep it, and just ride better :slight_smile:

I’ll give you a dollar more than your best offer. Maybe.

I’ll give you a dollar more than your best offer. Maybe.