What you don't want to hear...

What are the things that you want to hear the least? im talking about the worst thing you could think of to happen to anyone or anything. Tacoing your giraffe is an example. I’ll start.

I never ever want to hear anyone say, " blah blah… tacoed my ultimate wheel … blah blah"

Respond to the best of your imagination!

Re: What you don’t want to hear…

This is, of course, off topic, but after watching ER religiously for the past however many years I’ve long decided that “get the rib spreader” is definitely the thing I’d like least to hear.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Re: Re: What you don’t want to hear…

I had a mouthful of coffee when I read that. Nearly sprayed it all over my keyboard!

“Sorry, your unicycle was right behind the car and I didn’t see it.”

Although there are many worse things…
" Broke My Kh Crank!!!"

is pretty bad.

“here comes the clown” is pretty bad as well


Are you pinkman junior?!

How do you ride that thing?

Do you wanna be in the circus?

Are you a clown?

You gotta put that on the bike rack (even though the bike rack only takes tires less han 2.3" wide, and there are more bolts on my seatclamp than people on the bus).

Can you really ride that thing? (No, it’s just a fashion statement)

And you’re sober, too?!

Land the 46" pedalgrab or the lady gets it!

Mabey putting my foot in front of this rushing unicyclist is a good idea!

Do this…

Note, all but the 46" pedalgrab remark I’ve heard at some time or another said to me.

And, the one that tops them all (In least desirablility): “…And John Ashcroft (or any major pat of Bush’s cabinet, or Bush himself) is elected for President in a landslide!!!”:frowning:

P.S. I’ve actually seen a Giraffe “taco’d”. SOmeone was performing a freestyle routine that included some giraffe hopping, and the giraffe bent about 35 degrees. He just hopped off and continued with a bewildered look.

Pinkman!!! I’ve heard of him! Doesn’t he unicycle around Berkeley in a pink leotard or something?

I think we were all waiting to hear someone say THIS.

“Well at least you still have one good testicle.”

“Does he have a pulse?”

I have a Pashley t-shirt that says “Sweet” on it. :slight_smile:
It was my signature comment at NAUCC. After watching a cool unicycle skill I’d say “Sweet!”. After watching anything cool I’d say “Sweet!”. Then I somehow ended up with a Pashley t-shirt that says “Sweet”.

So there you have the background for my one word photo caption of the broken crank.

“Get the Jaws of Life. We’re going to have to cut through his unicycle.”


Re: What you don’t want to hear…

“i’ll be right down, dave. i’m just jumping into my blue leotard.”

A group of people in the medical field standing over me as one (with paddles in his hands) yells that most frightening word “CLEAR?”

Before anybody replies, I’m not talking about a “spanking” :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :smiley:

“You owe back taxes and the only thing of value you have is your unicycles…We’ll be taking those.”

“It’s a girl.”

“Does this look infected to you?”

“For Sale: Seated Hand Driven Unicycle”

We"ve had a break-in, but don’t worry…

All they took were the unicycles.