What Was Your Worst Unicycling Injury?

Oh no, that’s bad. And the picture hiding was perfect.
Hope it heals fully.

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Thanks @Canapin for flying to the rescue !
Good to know there is a macro like that so everybody can share in the thread without the dread of TMI visuals :wink:

Quite why anyone gets upset by pictures when the thread is about “Your Worst Unicycle Injury” is beyond me.


It is the age old difference between hearing about it and seeing about it.
I don’t classify myself as particularly sensitive but I still draw the line at bloody pics with open wounds (YMMV).

From an informative point of view, it is interesting to hear the types of injuries that could happen while riding (or freak accidents like mine).
The visuals are an optional bonus for whoever is more curious and I am glad that we have the means to offer the choice to skip this part :wink:


This year I intend on not getting hurt. At 53 i’m feeling the need to start to be more cautious. From now on when I ride I will be wearing knee, elbow and wrist protection as well as my helmet. The only thing i have injured badly in the past are my toes, i don’t think there is anything that can protect them.

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I ride with Safety Shoes Uni. That’s always good because you don’t hit your toes and then you don’t notice that. :rofl:. And I always use for Muni high safety shoes. They’re wear always for work and that’s the best shoes for uni that I’ve ridden in 5 years of Muni.

ROFLOL Yeah, I found it to be a disturbing revelation. :smile: Everyone has convinced me now.

Don’t join the circus, avoid racing, no stunts, no cross country riding, and don’t even consider buying a giraffe. Just go in a straight line, and then come home. I wonder if I can get full body armor? :thinking: I think they should invent airbags for unicycles.

Now these guys are ready to ride a unicycle. :smiley:



This is far from my worst injury, but it’s neatly on top of the last time I mashed my knee up (see above somewhere).
I was feeling quite pleased with myself having ridden down a kerb and on my second pass of it I over-compensated and fell off. LOL!
Thankfully it’s little more than a scratch.