What Was Your Worst Unicycling Injury?

I forgot to mention that, my saddle was too low for most of the ride, it was set up of muni not road riding

I had an injury like that a long time ago. I had to take several months away from unicycling in order for it to heal enough that I could ride for more than a few minutes. Then I had to train carefully – start with very short rides and then add distance gradually – in order to keep from injuring it again. Even now if I do a long ride that I haven’t prepared for, my knee will get sore. Not to be a downer or anything. Hopefully yours will just get better with some rest.

One thing I’ve found that really helps is a compression knee sleeve.

Edit: When my knee started hurting, I wish I had gone to the doctor to find out what was actually wrong with it. I never got a diagnosis. If it has been 2 weeks and you’re still having trouble, maybe you should go see someone about it.


I got a frozen shoulder 2 years ago: shoulder muscle started hurting and due to sore sticked to shoulder bones leaving me with half of the normal movement. I got to 75% manouvrability back going through a lot of exercises with a medic that was really really painful. I did exercises for 2 months than I should have gone on with homework exercises, but I quit to the pain. Now my shoulder is ar 60%, but if I UPD I shoulder roll as I always did and than I stop crying on the ground for a few minutes before regainin the ability to move the shoulder and to ride the uni again…

So I suggest you to see a doctor if your shoulder hurts sometimes: soreness could mean a lot of different things and maybe a painkiller won’t solve any issue at all than allowing you to ride for 2 days

Try doing this, it will rebuild your shoulder :slight_smile:


Worst unicycle injury was wearing away the skin on my very upper thighs towards the end of my first 90km ride. Happened a long time ago but yikes it hurt.

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My worst injury was 3 years ago.

I badly sprained my right ankle while dismounting gracely. There was a slope on the sidewalk I was on, where I put my foot, and I didn’t pay attention.

I heard an audible “crack” sound in my ankle. :grimacing:

I was pissed off because it was just a day before I was supposed to do my very first trail ride with other unicyclists near Paris, and I couldn’t attend it.

I started physical therapy quickly after the injury, I couldn’t ride for three months and the pain lasted for more than six months.

Now, I’m always extra careful when I dismount from my unicycle.

I broke a toe when the neighbors St Benard put his leg in the spokes. He was just playing and was unhurt. I don’t tell people the only way to knock us off is to stick something in the spokes. I broke my nose ice skating.

ur supposed to skate with your nose in the air!

Now I remember I also (supposedly) broke a toe while falling a few years ago. It quickly became like this:

Click to see my foot several hours later

I went to the doctor only maybe a week after and showed her the photo since my toe looked way better, and she told me she believed it was slightly broken. But I had no complication, no radiography, and it healed by itself.

I limped for a bit and fairly quickly came back to my unicycle: it was easier to ride it than walking since walking bends your toes when unicycling doesn’t.

Nowadays my toe is just way less flexible than it was before, and I don’t care.

Boy, I feel your pain buddy! Last weekend was doing a high speed run on my Schlumpf 29er and it was gone, just like that.

Here is an unfortunate escalation of my worst injury that until now was just a rolled ankle:

Click to see X-ray picture

A dday at the beach just enjoying the fatty on mostly dry sand. Apparently, I brought also with me a truckload of bad luck: tried to roll down a 1.5 foot drop in sand, UPD because of the rebound, right foot to the ground, left foot to the ground in a wet and sticky sand mixture, hear a crack and fell.

Now the surgeon realigned the piece of bone and nothing else was torn (at least some good news). Just need to be patient for walking again (not for another 6 weeks) and then work on my P.T. to ride again soon enough :wink:

Never underestimate sand :stuck_out_tongue:


F**k and Ouch.

P.S. I am not sure I am enjoying reading this thread :neutral_face:


I am sorry if the visual nature of the x-ray kills the vibe. I was not able to find any spoiler-style macro to make it optional (if any @admin knows…).

The main takeaway in my case is that freak accidents can happen but it is not as bad as it looks. Without drifting on the other confidence thread, for now I am looking forward to the P.T. to tell me cycling is the next step to build back the leg strength :wink:

No, I think it is fine. It was my poor attempt at humor. :wink:

But to be clear, I do still feel bad for everyone here and the thread does make our sport look more dangerous than it probably is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Having broken my arm in a UPD (see somewhere above) I feel your pain and frustration.

Hope you heal up and are back riding soon.

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Oh no, that’s bad. And the picture hiding was perfect.
Hope it heals fully.

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Thanks @Canapin for flying to the rescue !
Good to know there is a macro like that so everybody can share in the thread without the dread of TMI visuals :wink:

Quite why anyone gets upset by pictures when the thread is about “Your Worst Unicycle Injury” is beyond me.


It is the age old difference between hearing about it and seeing about it.
I don’t classify myself as particularly sensitive but I still draw the line at bloody pics with open wounds (YMMV).

From an informative point of view, it is interesting to hear the types of injuries that could happen while riding (or freak accidents like mine).
The visuals are an optional bonus for whoever is more curious and I am glad that we have the means to offer the choice to skip this part :wink: