What was UDC thinking?! Pink Pantha


This could have been an awesome freestyle unicycle. However using profiles and putting in in a freestyle frame with a freestyle tire has me wondering who would pay $750 for it, and what would they use it for?

Too bad they didn’t powdercoat Nimbus/KH hub and 110mm cranks and use those instead.

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Gosh, if only this site had a search function :wink:

That is what you call a b**ch Uni!

No disrepect intended but I would fall in love with a girl on that thing! My wife would look so hot on it!


give them a break there trying to get into the street scene haha, “trying” is the keyword there:D

I guess it would be an OK street uni if it weren’t for the fact that the shortest profiles you can get are 140s.

i think its quite nice, its the right direction to go, look how many variations of bmxs and decks there are silly amounts , its just another angle price might be wrong i dont know x

Im with Lucas on this one. I think it looks ace!


thanks for your support brother haha xxx

Maybe I could finally convince my little sister to take up unicycling with this thing. :slight_smile:

That would be easy considering every beginner wishes to spend $750 on a first unicycle…

I think it’s a cool unicycle…just that the price tag isn’t cool.

If I had 800 bucks, I’d get it! It’s really cute!!
I’d use it for light street. Tech tricks and the like… Just cuz I’m not sure how strong the rim is. But I don’t know… maybe it is really strong.

But yeah, UDC dosn’t have much in the way of affordable stuff…