what uni's do you have?

this thread has probably been done before, but still, whatcha got?

as for me:
a 28" sun
a 20" CX
a 5’ torker giraffe
a 16" CX (occaisionally borrowed from by brother)

Kris Holm Freeride 24" Muni w/Maguras, Custom Fusion/Gel saddle Salsa Fip-lock
2006 Torker DX 24" Muniw/custom Fusion Air saddle 24x3.0 Duro Wildlife Leopard
Summit 20" Trials
Sun 28" Touring
Coker 36" Touring w/Custom Fusion Air saddle
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I have a blue 20" classic sun, and a 2006 Torkerbus DX

A 24" XC Kris Holm,
A 26" Pashley Muni with a Kris Holm Fusion saddle, and a slick tyre,
and a basic 20" Unicycle with a Miyata saddle.

i have a new '06 torker DX and an ancient schwinn that has been modified to be used by my six foot brother can ride it. now my feet barely reach the pedals

i have:

a 20" torker cx :X
a 20" torker dx :smiley:

can you tell which i prefer? lol

20 inch sun

I have a 24" Torker LX. :sunglasses:

Profile 20 inch wheel set alex rim, luna tire, white bedford frame, very custom saddle/seatpost.

its been done … give me some time and it will be found!! [THREAD]19626[/THREAD]

well…he put an end to that thread pretty quickly

nimbus II 24"

KK 20" trials w/ magnesium sealed pedals, and nimbus gel seat.
24" schwinn
5’ schwinn giraffe

Somewhere between 10 and 14, I lost count. But some of them are really cool.

1 brand new Torker LX 24" coming on Monday

I got the Nimbus Hopley 20" trial
and a custom homemade 20" freestyle

  • Pashley UMX, 20", with cottered cranks, and a horrible seat from a child's bike. My first uni, no longer ridden.
  • Vintage 1959 "one off" hand made uni with 20" wheel and leather bicycle saddle. Cost £10 from a man in a pub, and I never rideit.
  • Early Nimbus 2, 20".
  • KH24 Muni. Completely standard.
  • Pashley 26, with 26 x 2.4" tyre, 125 mm cranks. The Holy Roller. For fast flowing cross country.
  • Nimbus 1 fitted with 700c x 28 mm lightweight road tyre. 125 mm cranks. The Road Razor, used for road and easy cross country.
  • Nimbus 1 frame. Custom 700c wheel with skinny Mavic Open Pro rim and 23 mm tyre. Currently on 102 cranks. The Bacon Slicer. Primarily road and easy tracks.
  • Coker, pretty standard, with steel rim and 150 mm cranks.
  • A 24 inch ultimate wheel I haven't ridden for ages.

20" DX
20" LX
20" Savage first uni
Coker with 127’s
28" sun


  • qu-ax coker
  • Nimbus 5’ giraffe
  • Home made UW
  • Home made BC plates (broke the wheel and turned it into an UW
  • 20" trials uni with K1 frame, K1 ISIS hub and crankset, Jim C oddysee pedals (u/s), Alex DX 32 rim, Maxxis Creepy crawler, CrMo seat post, Miyata seat with CF seat base and kinpornt handle.


26" Nimbus Muni
20" Kris Holm Trials
20" trainer
24" Ultimate Wheel (self made)
<20" BC Wheel (self made)