what unicycles have you owned?

What unicycles have you owned mine are
20in sun learner have had 2
24in torkerdx
19in koxx-one trials
soon to be a 26 muni

UDC 24" Club (6/09 - present)
My frist unicycle and the one I learned to ride. Has held up well and is currently on loan to a friend who is using it to learn. When I have it I use 127mm cranks on it for short rides around the neighborhood.

Nimbus 24" Muni (8/09 - 4/11)
This is the uni that got me hooked on riding off-road. After getting a 36", I decided to “consolidate” the 24" and 29" into a 26" muni.

KH 29 (10/09 - 3/11)
I mostly used this for mixed on/off road rides. After getting the 36" I realized that the type of riding I most often did on the 29" could also be done on the 36".

KH 20 (3/10 - present)
Used for fooling around in the yard and practicing skills. Hopefully will be my son’s first muni.

KH 36 (12/10 - present)
Used for road and non-technical off road rides.

Nimbus 26" Muni (4/11 - present)
Custom build using 32h ISIS hub, DT double-butted spokes, Trial Tech Race 47mm rim, and Continental Trail King 2.4 tire. Weighs the same as Nimbus 24x3" muni. Used primarily off-road with 150mm cranks. It’s a bit faster than the 24" and a bit easier to handle technical riding than the 29".


Why don’t a bunch of ANONYMOUS PEOPLE make a LIST OF ITEMS they have had at ONE TIME OR ANOTHER!


In other words, this thread is kind of useless… Maybe with a review of unicycles you can get, it can be good, but just saying what kind of uni you had, I guess not alot of riders care about it…

If all posts are like davidp’s, this could be quite a nice insightful and interesting topic to be fair, no need to crucify the poor OP.

UDC 24" Club (summer 2009)
Was a brilliant cycle to get me into the sport, rode it every day for at least an hour for the first month or two haha :stuck_out_tongue: When it was dry I could go over most modest woodland trails, but as soon as the wet moved in it was like trying to ride on ice.
After a lot of heavy use, hopping around, going off the deepest drops I could find (which were only about 2 or 3 foot to be fair) first one of the pedal axles snapped, and then a long while later one side of the crank/hub interface twisted and deformed until the crank would no longer hold on.

KH 24 Muni (spring 2010)
Same sized wheel, but COMPLETELY different ride. The first thing I noticed was how different the tire felt, it was actually hard to balance at first! But this was a beast that could handle a bashing (praise isis!) and I’ve ridden it comfortably in all conditions, snow, rain & mud.

The only thing I miss is speed, I’ve played around with friend’s 36er and it’s beautiful! A pain in the arse to carry around, but still beautiful - money’s the only thing holding me back.
(actually, I really want a 26/29 guni, but schlumpf’s are just a dream for me for a good while I’m afraid!)