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I got a unicycle about 5 years ago for my birthday. It was a sun… I learned how to ride it… but destroyed it trying to jump down a few stairs… so I bough a torker Unistar. It lasted about a year before I started to jump off taller things, and the crank arms started bending… now it is real awkward to ride… I could just buy new crank arms… but I would rather just get a new unicycle… My torker is a 24’ i’m looking at either 16 or 20… What do you guys think? I want to be able to ride it, jump it off things… stairs… that kind of stuff… I was looking at Nimbus cause my budget is about $250… but the cheaper the better.

go with the Nimbus ISIS and upgrade it to KH cranks.

I second his notion. The nimbus is a good $200 dollar range cycle. If you’re in the $300 dollar range go for a nimbus street cycle or a qu-ax 20" and upwards of that go with Kris Holm’s 20" trials cycle or a Koxx-1 cycle. All of these cycles are available from unicycle.com’s USA shop with exception to the Koxx-1 which I believe can be ordered through http://www.einradladen.net/

Hope this helps.

yeah, the nimbus should be fine as long as you don’t plan on doing anything too extreme. i the hub is the only thing unproven on that unicycle, but it is VERY similiar to the KH hub and should be about the same strength.

kris holm unis are the bomb, so are koxx, i havn’t ridden a koxx yet, but i hear a lot about unicycles on this forum, and those 2 are the best.

What would break other than the seat/seat post/ and cranks if not upgraded? The rim is tested (o6,kh) the hub is strong and nobody breaks the nimbus 2 frame.

I’m just weary of this uni cuz i havn’t heard of anyone good riding one.(YET)
thats all…

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