What unicycle will be good for the bigginer?

In past few day, after I saw a video about the unicycle I am totally into it right now!
So I am planning to buying a unicycle for myself.
The purpose of the unicycle will be just ride around the town or ride in the hiking area (but it’s more like park with unpacked road.
So I am willing to buy 24 in unicycle…
However, I am only about 5’1"-2" and inseam is 30 in with shoes on.
Wonder if I can learn on 24 in unicycle.
And does anyone used the cheap unicycles on ebay or the ones from the Sun?
While I am only 86 pound, I think it will be durable enough for me, but wonder if it will endure for the hiking.
Or should I go with Toker?

My inside leg is not much bigger and I learnt on a KH24 and now mainly ride a KH29 and think the 24" Muni is a great learner and is also more flexible once you can ride as you can ride street, XC etc rather than buying a cheap 20" and then having to replace it later on.

Not everyone gets to learn on something as quality as a KH muni! Keep an eye out for a used 20" that you can learn on & beat up. By the time you can ride it, you’ll know what type of riding you want to do, muni , trials, street or distance - then buy the uni that will last until the itch has you shopping for another.


Where do you live? You might want to check your local Craigslist for cheap used ones locally. If you don’t know if you will like it or not, this would be the best/cheapest way to find out. Then go for something nicer once you learn and know what riding you might end up doing.
I am 5’3", a girl, 115lbs with a 27" inseam. I learned on a 24" Conundrum(my avi pic). I didn’t really have any issues with it being too big or too small, it seems just about right actually! I bought it used for a decent price from a guy who had it 2 years and never learned to ride it more than 25ft. I was riding unassisted by the end of a week and miles at a time by months end. It really is what you put into it. Certain wheel extreme sizes I am sure can be challenging(like a 16 or a 36) but I think with the middle sizes, you can learn pretty much the same.
What helped me most though was having the seat lower while learning balance and mounting. Then once I got that down and could ride distance, I needed to raise the seat more in line with having a slightly bent knee like you would on a bike.

Ditto. The uni I learned on was a really old Torker CX but it did what it was supposed to do and was inexpensive. If I rode it now I would break it.

I have a 31 in inseam and ride a 36 in uni. I would start with a cheapie because most who try to unicycle give up on it before they learn.

Winsdream, I’m also starting and after reading a lot of posts and forums and research I went with the torker lx 20". I’m 5’7" and my inseam is 31", the torker is good value and quality to learn and will let you learn, do some simple easy tricks and small hops ( just don’t go and drop from 4’!!!). And the new torker 2013 are out and you can get an orange or a red one and look nice! You can still find the black/chrome or blue/chrome around. I got mine for $130 with a stand and free shipping and should be here Monday! There are some places selling them for $115 no stand, but free shipping so just check amazon or sunrise cyclery or eBay, but don’t get the really no brand chepos cause is not going to last. There is also the Club Freestyle from unicycle.com, which is also good. Anyway do some reading in this forum and you will see, many here used a Torker to learn and the 20" is great for beginners…just my 2cents…

Thanks for all the suggestions!
I really wanted to buy the 20" and change to 24" after I learn on it, but while I am working student without money :frowning:
So, I think I will buy Toker LX 24" hoping that will fit for me and hope that I can learn on it.
But before I decide, would you mind if I ask one more question???
I wonder what is the speed difference between 20" and 24"… If 24" given slight faster speed than 20", I think I should go with 20" instead, while I think that will fit to my height.

From the UDC UK web site regarding wheel size choice for those new to unicycling…

The second quote refers to tall riders on small wheels but also applies to short riders on larger wheels, as long as the wheel is within your size range. If the seatpost is too long cut it down. Cut off the minimum necessary to bring it down to where you need it.

If you plan on riding around town, on paved or unpaved roads, you will be happier with a 24 in the long run. It is about 20% faster than a 20 and will be easier to stay on over minor road imperfections. The LX is durable enough for recreational commuting, just don’t use it like a pogo stick. It has longish cranks for a 24 inch “cruiser” (152 vs 127) but this gives you more leverage. More leverage is good when you are first learning and it gives you more control when you are riding on rough surfaces or up/down hills. If needed you can always get shorter cranks down the road, once your control and leg strength improve.


You can learn on 24" and then buy 20" or in reverse order :smiley:
I learned on 26" (145 cranks) then bought 36" and now looking at 20" trial :roll_eyes: … If you will be in unicycling you will want all of them it is nearly impossible to stop with one :smiley:

I agree with Hudson, I don’t even have my first Uni yet (arrives tomorrow yay!), and I’m already doing my research and reading and asking here for my Muni, which more likely will be a KH 24" or 26" or the Nimbus Oracle 24" or 26"!!!. So yeah I will learn on the 20" and use it for learning tricks and stuff and probably for my kids to learn as well, and then jump on Muni which is my main goal, so good luck and may the Uni be with you!