What unicycle to get as a beginner??

Hi there!! i just started unicycling two months ago…been practising on my friends uni all the while…tried both 20" and 24"…hoping to be able to play uni hockey real soo!!
been thinkin of getting one for myself but i have no idea what brand is good or what type to buy…(size,type…)
seen on some sites that theres muni…trials…dunno whats the differences…
so pls advice me on this!!


Until you have a clear idea what you want to do with the unicycle, you won’t be able to decide exactly which one you want. No one else can tell you which is the best for you.

As a general purpose uni, a 24 inch wheel is about right. Much bigger and you lose out on manoeuvreability and the ability to do tricks (a 26 inch is harder to idle, a 20 inch takes too long to get anywhere).

As a general purpose crank size, 150mm will do the job.

Preferably, have wheel bearings held in by clamps (or ‘caps’) rather than the lollipop style. Lollipop bearings may damage the frame with heavy use, and the wheel is harder to remove for replacing the tyre.

Other than that, you can replace cranks (7 Pounds or about ? 10 Dollars) and pedals (decent ones available from 25 Pounds ? 35 Dollars) and the tyre and tube. No need to get it right first time. Your tastes and requirements will alter as your experience grows.

If you buy a top spec lightweight supa doopa Muni and find you prefer touring, or a big wheel tourer, only to find you really want to play hockey, you will be disappointed. Honestly, I’d get a mid-range 24, give it some severe use, tinker with it a bit, and wait until you realise you have a dream uni, then save up and buy the dream one.


24" Would be about right
and the best learner uni is a Torker LX

or you could get the torker Lx 20" on www.unicycle.com

I feel as though 5 years was long enough for this person to make a decision - though it was noble of you to try and help.

HAHA… i didn’t notice that till you mentioned it. Thats great!!!

+1 :smiley: