What unicycle should I get?

Hey fellow unicyclers! I’m Poseidon, and I’ve been unicycling for a couple months, and have decided I need a new unicycle. I have a CyclePro uni, but its really below-par. I can freemount, idle, ride for as long as I’d like and I’m getting pretty fast. I can also do little rolling-hops, and pretty big side hops. So… This will be my second unicycle.

I’m not sure if I want to do trails, freestyle, or street. And maybe Muni. So is there a good all-around unicycle that can do everything pretty decent. I’m not going to go seriously into any of these categories quite yet. So what would be the best? Also, price isn’t really an issue, I have my ways of earning money… muah.

Ok, Thanks in advance for any help at all you guys can give me! :slight_smile:


good luck ginding an “all-round uni” but a trials uni can be used for - trials - street - light muni (no long distances in comfort) - and light freestyle. Go for a KH or Koxx if money is no problem.

ps. a 24" muni can do well too, look at the geezer! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m thinking of getting an Orange Bud. I this a good choice?

not especially. to me anyway. KHs cost less and are better. IMO

KH are a better all around choice.
or you could go old school and get profiles

I think it should be a coin toss between the…

KH and DX IMO :smiley:
Both are very durable unicycles are demand a beating every now and again. So yeah. :smiley: :smiley:

Yes, I did notice the outrageous price of most Koxx 1 unis.

I’m thinking about a DX or a KH, Thanks for your help.

Don’t forget the QU-AX, another great uni with a mid-ranged price.

if you get a kh 20, get it from www.aebike.com

A Koxx-One Devil is only $395 from Renegade Juggling… not much more than the Kris Holm.

I just got a DX I love the thing. All of the unis listed above except the Koxx have the same tire on them so that is not an issue so just read through the product reviews and you will find plenty of info that should help you make your pick. What ever you go with make sure that it is splined, all of the above are.

Koxx unis are only $355 at trialsin.com

They’re actually $455

Alright, I’ve made up my mind, and my mom said I can get it.

Here it is-


Its the 20" Torker Unistar DX

You will be happy with it.

I hope so!

You won’t break it.

If, in the future, you decide that you want a different frame (something lighter, most likely, because I hear that the DX frame is a bit on the heavy side [it only makes you stronger!]), you can get the Nimbus II frame for ~$40 or the KH frame for around $140…

Alright, that probably wont be any time near right now. But I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for all your help.