What unicycle should I get?

Hi sorry if this has been asked before, i’m new here. I am going to buy my second unicycle probably for christmas and I don’t know what ot get. I will be doing some muni and some trials/street. I am thinking either the nimbus 24, the nimbus 20, or the dx 20. The only reason I’m not considering the dx 24 is cause i’m too short :(. I’ve heard muni is best for both but i don’t know. THanks for the help :slight_smile:

whats your budget?

If you think you are going to focus more on trials, then I think the Nimbus ISIS Trials would probably be your best bet. You can take it offroad too, you just wont go as fast as you would with a 24. You might also want to upgrade to the KH Moment cranks, but it’ll cost you a bit more.

My budget is $315 at most. And I think I will be doing probably about exactly half and half trials and muni

I would go for the Nimbus Trials or the Nimbus Muni. Either should work fine. If you are really short it might make sense to go with a small wheel.

You can do trials on a 24" too, but a 19" (20) trials is much easier to control. It’s lighter and more nimble.

…then I’d say it’s a toss up.

If you also want to do some street of flat tricks I’d get the trials.

If you also want to ride around town the Muni would be a bit faster + there are road tires available like the Maxis Hookworm, as opposed to only nobbies. If you go for the Nimbus Muni, make sure it’s the '09.

Size should’t be an issue w/ any 24". Just cut the post down, only an inch or two at a time though.

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If you get the mod 20" I don’t see any advantage to having more than one pair of cranks, and they don’t make slick tires for trials rims…

Would it be possible for UnICycleRoCKs to get a used KH for that price??? :thinking:

I have been looking for a used kh but don’'t know where to find one. And thanks for all the answers :smiley: I really appreciate it. I just realized that UDCs showroom is in Marrietta (not sure of spelling) GA which is about an hours drive from where I live and hopefully will be able to go down there sometime. :smiley: form What i’m hearing the nimbus trials or muni would be best but i’m gonna try them out

There was kh20s on bikeisland.com at 350$, but the price hopped up to like 560$, I got lucky buying mine a few days before the price change.

edit: The price is back down actually, 380$