What uni

i’ve been riding for a while and am looking for a new unicycle, i want to do some muni, trials, freestyle and street riding aswell but as yet i cannot find a suitable uni for all, it’s probably been covered before but i can’t find it!!
What unis and what size wheel would you reccomend???

Cheers Dave

P.S: I’m 6’2" and around 11/12 stone

P.P.S: i’m about level 3 (i think)

as has been discussed before(use the search function) a 24 inch muni is probably the best all around unicycle.

Torker DX


thanks for the help
will use the search thing


24" torker dx is a good all around uni and the 2005 frames now accept wider tires

Torker DX

yea looks really good, problem is i live in the uk and there doesn’t seem to be any selling anywhere in the country, well on the net anyway!!!

other than that, would probably buy, it’s just postage that is the problem!!

try a nimbus onza or qu ax or for a little more then get a kh

I’d say the same. I’ve got an onza trials and a 2005 KH MUni. The 2005 MUni is a fantastico machine and worth the extra money. My mate has the 2005 onza MUni and that’s also pretty nifty, although I would get a bigger than the 2.6" it comes with if you want to do trials on it. If you’re feeling extravagant (and rich) it’s worth getting dedicated uni’s for trials and MUni. Although I’m sure once you’ve got one the other’ll soon follow. I can’t comment on the qu ax stuff having never ridden one. And the nimbus is good but it’ll get poorly after a few big drops.

Whereabouts in the UK are you out of interest?



I come from the south west

At the mo i live in devon but i’m moving to cornwall this month

ah good.

going the right way

no offence to any devonians :stuck_out_tongue:




didn’t mean it really…