what uni to get

hi i want to buy a trials / muni and was wondering what uni’s are good all round i have bout 150ish to spend but dont want to go much over thet im 5"6 if that makes a difference on size and is it worth putting a magura on a uni or is it a waste of money confused

bedford light trials, 200$ CDN.

1 prob i live in england

craig is in UK.

tbh craig save up that again and buy the KH one, and you’ll never need another :slight_smile: they on sale atm coz a new frame coming out which only really applies to ppl who can break em :slight_smile:

in sale that around 240 + postage.
you can always buy the brakes later if you really want/need em.

Don’t bother with brakes for a long time yet, I’ve been riding Muni 4 years and I’ve only just felt the need to get brakes. For £165 you can get the Nimbus II 24" Muni, it’s good for muni, you can do some trials on it and it’s good enough for getting around. For a little more you could get the Qu-Ax which has a splined hub and will therefore with stand larger drops with out breaking. If you can I’d go for that, it will last much longer and be cheaper in the long run,they’re £185.

Why do people always reply to these threads by suggesting bying the most expensive and up-to-date uni, even if the person is a beginner and has said they can’t spend much?

ta kington i was lookin at some qu-ax 1s befor on the net they look good

Trials unicycles and munis are pretty different, are you going to be doing more trials or muni riding? If you really can’t decide, a 24" muni is a good compromise, as you can still do trials on it if you really want to, however Muni would be very slow and difficult on a trials unicycle.

Have you looked at unicycle.uk.com yet?

If you want a trials, it’s probably best to get a splined hub, the Nimbus Hoppley and Qu-ax trials both have splined hubs and are both £175. KHs are nice, but these two are perfectly good enough, and quite a bit cheaper.

If you want a muni and don’t want to do trials on it, then a splined hub isn’t essential, and the Nimbus munis are good value for £160 for 24" or £165 for 26". For an ‘all-rounder’ with a splined hub, the Nimbus Muddley (£195) or Qu-ax 24" (£185) would be good.

Magura’s are quite expensive and definitely not essential, and if you want to stick to a low budget it’s probably best to not bother with them for now.

i will be doing more trials on it than muni but would like it to b able to ride on that type of terrain aswell if you get me soz if confusin any1

You can ride a trials uni on any type of terrain, you just won’t go very fast! So if you want to ride any distance more than a couple of miles a 24" would be better.
But a trials would be lots better for trials (obviously).

It’s tough trying to choose one unicycle, I don’t really know which one I would go for :thinking:

i started riding about 2 months ago with a torker lx that (with shipping) cost me only $100. its worked fine for everything ive done (mostly street trials), i think i bent it a lil bit when i tried to roll off a 2ft+ drop and had terrible technique. but i think its been great to learn on, and pretty cheap.

francistorker, that may be as so, but if you’d actually bothered to read the thread you’d know he lives in the UK, so torkers have to be shipped from the US and then they’re charged tax and duty which makes them more expensive than buying a cheap Muni.

Craig, if you can wait keep your eye open for second hand sales, look in the trading post and on ebay, two 24" Munis have sold on ebay in the last month, and as domesticated ape can atest you can get a really solid ride at a bargain price.

Yes I most certainly can:D

Craig, have you seen this wheelset?
If you bought that you should easily be able to build up a pretty smart trials uni for less than £150.